Import CD – MMCD 001 – Innocentia – Maria Mendes




LABEL: n/a
FORMAT: CD digi-pak / MMCD 001
ARTIST: Maria Mendes
TITLE: Innocentia
EAN: 8712488013749


Maria Mendes (vo)
Anat Cohen (cl on 4,5,8,10)
Karel Boehlee (p)
Clemens van der Feen (b)
Jasper van Hulten (ds)

Rec data:

Produced by Maria Mendes
Recorded at Fattoria Musica Recording Studios in Osnabrück, Germany on December 15-17, 2014. Sound engineer: Ruben Montes. Assistant: Robin Pache.
Clarinet recorded at Slick Studio in Tel Aviv, Israel on January 2015. Sound engineer: Ori Winokur.
Mixed at Disquesi Estudios in Coruna, Spain on February 2015 by Ruben Montes
Mastered at QPoint Digital Audio in Hilversum, the Netherlands on March 2015 by Peter Brussee.

All arrangements by Maria Mendes except “When You Wish Upon A Star” by Martin Fondse. Clarinet adaptation on songs nº 4, 5, 8 and 10 by Martin Fondse.
English lyrics on “Innocent Travels” and Portuguese lyrics on “Inverso” and “Innocentia” by Maria J. Mendes
“Innocentia” co-written by Maria J. Mendes and Alexander van Popta
“Inverso” written by Maria J. Mendes


  1. Smile (C. Chaplin)
  2. Innocentia (M. J. Mendes / A. van Popta)
  3. When You Wish Upon a Star (L. Harline / N. Washington)
  4. O Ovo (H. Pascoal)
  5. Inverso (M. J. Mendes)
  6. Handful of Soul (J. Woode)
  7. Innocent Travels (P. Metheny / M. J. Mendes)
  8. Sonatina Coreográfica – Baião (R. Gnattali)
  9. The Summer Knows (M. Legrand / M. Bergman / A. Bergman)
  10. Bachianas Brasileiras Nr. 5 – Ária (H. Villa Lobos / R. Valadares Correa)
  11. Fragile (Sting)
  12. Água de Beber – Bonus track (A. C. Jobim / V. de Moraes)




serai_jun2016ポルトガル出身、ロッテルダムの音楽院でクラシックを学んだのち、ジャズ&ブラジリアンに転身した経験を持つ歌手マリア・メンデスが、オランダのジャズ・トリオと、イスラエルのクラリネット奏者アナット・コーエンをゲストに招いて制作した『Innocentia』は、国際的な多様な文化が混淆するなかで生まれてくる新しいジャズの世界の一端を感じさせる、しっとりと美しいアルバムだ。ディズニーの名作でもある「星に願いを」、ブラジルのクラシック音楽の大作曲家ヴィラ=ロボスの「ブラジル風バッハ第5番」、ロック歌手スティングの「フラジャイル(こわれもの)」など、独自の編曲と歌が、どれも個性的で、自分自身の言葉になっている。ここでポルトガル語や英語でのさり気ない歌から伝わってくるのは、飾らない大人の女性の生き方だろう。どんなジャンルにも属さない、優れた作品である。(林田 直樹/サライ2016年6月号)



Born in Portugal and classically trained from the age of 12, it was at Codarts University (in her adopted home of Rotterdam) that the long-time classical music enthusiast decided to explore her connection to Brazil through jazz improvisation. There she would join the dots between Western standards by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Parker and Betty Carter, and the freer, percussive styles of Brazil – artists such as Hermeto Pascoal, for instance. Listen closely and you will also hear Shirley Horn’s deft use of silence, and the precision and spoken melodies of Carmen McRae.
Periods of study and training followed in Brussels, New York and Rio. Then came a series of commanding performances and prizes in several international competitions such as Montreux Jazz Vocal competition. In 2012, debut album Along the Road (Dot Time records) announced her arrival on the world stage as a vocalist with a unique touch. Original composition ‘Saia Preta’, inspired by a saudade-soaked taxi ride through Rio de Janeiro, revealed Mendes’ potential as a songwriter, not to mention the deep affection that she has for her mother’s homeland. Musicians and critics were lining up to praise her … even legends. Quincy Jones had this to say about Mendes: “I see a promising, shining future for this young talented singer.”
Backing her every step of the way – from the recording studio to the Blue Note in New York – is her highly attuned band of Dutch all-stars: Karel Boehlee on piano (Toots Thielemans Band, Hein van de Gein Trio); Clemens van der Feen on acoustic bass (Franz van Chossy Trio, Jesse van Ruller Trio) and Jasper van Hulten on drums (Eric Vloeimans, Tuto Puoane Band). Thankfully, Mendes has kept faith with the same team and together with her close collaborator Martin Fondse, the highly acclaimed composer and pianist, they have conceived follow-up album Innocentia for your pleasure.