Import CD – TTNCD-007 – Journey of Man – Teus Nobel Liberty Group




LABEL: 339 Records, the Netherlands
Format: CD / TTNCD-007
ARTIST: Teus Nobel Liberty Group
TITLE: Journey of Man
EAN: 9789078377313


Teus Nobel (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Alexander van Popta (piano)
Jeroen Vierdag (double bass)
Tuur Moens (drums)


  1. Chasing Reality
  2. Iseo
  3. My Favourite Vice
  4. Plastic Battle
  5. Kelewele
  6. Actual proof
  7. Crush (bonus track)


“Journey Of Man” is the fourth jazz album of dutch trumpeter Teus Nobel in succession, after predecessors “Flow” (2012), “Legacy” (2014) and “Social Music” (2016). In preparation of recording this new album, Teus decided to apply for a masters degree, 10 years after completing his bachelor phase. It was his goal to enrich his musical pallet by turning the intellectual legacy of jazz innovator Woody Shaw inside-out. Immediately after completely the course, he entered the studio with his new Liberty Group. The open, modal character of the compositions on “Journey Of Man” gives them the freedom to come to the purest form of improvised music: that area where musical decisions can be made in a split second, turning the composition upside-down completely.

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