ALBORE JAZZ di Satoshi Toyoda (label / publisher): based in Japan, specialized in Italian and European Jazz.


本当に質のいい品だけを、誇りと良心を持って提供する個人商店が信用できるのは、本紙読者の皆さんならよくご存知だろう。音楽の世界も一緒である。イタリアのジャズを制作・発信する「アルボーレ・ジャズ」という日本のレーベルもその一つ。いつも新譜を楽しみにしている。(小学館『サライ』2013年10月号 – 林田 直樹)


Albore Jazz is a very audiophile oriented label, specialized in Italian Jazz recording. Thanks to its founder, Mr. Satoshi Toyoda, since always an Italian jazz music belover, this eminent label today offers, through cd’s and high res files, the best of Italian jazz artists, giving to all its customers very exquisite products, representing the best, in terms of pure excellence, musical reproduction can give to all genuine Music Lovers. Highly recommended. – Elly Audio (Italy)


Ira Gitler, the critic and award winning Jazz writer has long asserted that Italian jazz musicians are the best in Europe and are world-class players. American jazz lovers have been aware of this to some extent, through recordings and live performances at clubs in New York and at a few of the regional Jazz Festivals.
As is often the case when it comes to a discerning excellence in Jazz, Japanese Jazz fans have also been aware for some of the high quality of Jazz embodied by many of today’s Italian Jazz-lions.
Some, such as Satoshi Toyoda, the owner-operator of Albore Records, which is based near Nagoya, Japan, provide a broader platform from which we can all appreciate the music of Italian Jazz musicians by recording a select number of them on a regular basis.
– Steven A. Cerra, copyright protected, all rights reserved. Jazz Profiles