Import CD – FHR025 – Social Music – Teus Nobel, Merlijn Verboom

エレクトリック・マイルス、Flying Lotusの影響を感じさせながら、さまざまな世界と人々を結びつける音楽(=Social Music)をテーマにオランダらしいミクスチャー感覚を聞かせる<ダーティ・エレクトロニック・ジャズ>。



LABEL: Flyin’ High Records, Netherlands
Format: CD Digi-pak / FHR 025
ARTIST: Teus Nobel, Merlijn Verboom
TITLE: Social Music
EAN: 8714835116370


Teus Nobel (trumpet, flügelhorn, keys, percussion)
Merlijn Verboom (guitar, bass, lapsteel, samples, percussion, keys)
Rory Ronde (guitar, bass, keys, percussion, triangle)
Alexander van Popta (keys, effects)
Tuur Moens (drums, guitar, keys, percussion)
Joris Roelofs (bass clarinet)
Yannick Hiwat (violin)
Bram van Sambeek (bassoon)

Rec data:

Recorded and mixed by Merjijn Verboom at De Projectiekamer
Mastered at Amsterdam Mastering by Darius van Helfteren

Album preview



Jazz lives, it’s alive, organic, connecting with an instrument, with sounds, and with people. It’s not easy, you have to set the bar high, create new feelings, new music, and meet new souls. After the success of his previous albums “Flow” and “Legacy”, Teus Nobel was looking for new ways to express himself without loosing his own voice. He wanted to create an album that would connect different worlds and different people together. So when he met fellow musician Merlijn Verboom, they knew they had to make the album together. Along the way some great players join the group, such as: Rory Ronde, Tuur Moens and Alexander van Popta. They all brought in their own sound, their own rhythm and their own personality to sculpt the new album “Social Music”. Influenced by Miles Davis’ “Bitches Blew”, the soundscapes of street musicians in New York, and the music of the experimental producer Flying Lotus. “Social Music” offers you Dirty Electronic Jazz, no more and no less.