Import CD – MMPCD 1001 – Two Faces – Wolfgang Maiwald Trio

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LABEL: Maiwald Music Productions, NL
FORMAT: CD Digi-pak / MMPCD 1001
ARTIST: Wolfgang Maiwald Trio
TITLE: Two Faces
EAN: 9789490965013


Wolfgang Maiwald (p)
Guus Bakker (b)
Joost Kesselaar (ds)


Produced by Wolfgang Maiwald
Recorded by Mike Le Roy – Studio Le Roy, Amsterdam
Mixed by Udo Pannekeet – Daily Talk Music, Enkhuizen
Mastered by Sander van der Heide – Studio Saint Of Sound, Soest
[C] 2010 Maiwald Music Productions


  1. The Riddle
  2. Two Faces
  3. Midnight Lounge
  4. Doorways
  5. Chan’s Song
  6. Conduction
  7. A Call From The Zoo
  8. I fall In Love Too easily
  9. Secrets of the Bridge
  10. Summer Night


マイナーレーベル系のピアノトリオのオススメ盤だ。こんな作品は一瞬で在庫がなくなり、あとで泣くというパターンの一枚だ。本当に枚数も少ないらしい。オランダで活動しているようだ。YOUTUBEなんかの再生回数もまだ100いってないけど、本当にこの1曲目「THE RIDDLE」には痺れました。こんないい曲、やられたって感じです。完全に琴線に触れた系です。淡々とした曲が多いけど、それがメロディーの綺麗な曲が多くて、多くて、ま、とにかく聴いてみてください。例えば、3.Midnight Lounge、4.Doorways、6.Conductionなどでやられてみてください。(2011.07.09 山本隆)


Two Faces, is the new jazz trio album of pianist Wolfgang Maiwald, together with bassist Guus Bakker and drummer Joost Kesselaar. Two Faces illustrates the two worlds of a pianist whose roots lie in the rock and pop music of the seventies and eighties, and who later became inspired by pianists like Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock and Keith Jarrett. Wolfgang Maiwald, a cum laude conservatory graduate in piano jazz studies, offers on this cd his vision on music of these two worlds.

Two Faces is an album that is not inundated with show-off pianistic virtuosity. Rather, Wolfgang Maiwald gives all the space necessary to allow his fellow musicians to contribute and add color to his compositions. Technical brilliance occurs only where it is a natural process in improvisation. Two Faces is jazz music with nuance, currently, a rare find.

The seven melodies of composer Maiwald, roam from pop to jazz. From the most pop influenced The Riddle, to the purest jazz influenced Conduction. Midnight Lounge, a very relaxed and groovy tune, shines in its subdued playing and gentle crescendo. The beautiful interpretations of the jazz classic I Fall In Love Too Easily and Herbie Hancock’s Chan’s Song demonstrate Maiwald’s ability to put his own stamp on a jazz standard.

In Summery: a lovely, honest jazz album of three musicians who’s musical and rhythmic freedom and space complement each other perfectly. Melodically, rhythmically, and harmonically fine music: recommended for the connoisseur and lover of the Jazz piano trio genre.

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