Max Ionata

Born in 1972, Max Ionata is considered one of the major Italian saxophonist on the contemporary scene. Throughout just a few years, he’s been appreciated by critics and audience, succesfully working in Italy and abroad.
Having published more than 70 disks with national and international artists, he’s very much appreciated abroad, especially in Japan.
He’s leader in several projects and collaborates permanently with prestigious artists. He’s been playing in the most popular jazz clubs and festivals, working with great musicians such as: Robin Eubanks, Reuben Rogers, Clarence Penn, Lenny White, Billy Hart, Alvin Queen, Joe Locke, Anne Ducros, Steve Grossman, Mike Stern, Bob Mintzer, Bob Franceschini, Hiram Bullock, Joel Frahm, Miles Griffith, Anthony Pinciotti, Jon Cowherd, John Benitez, Dino Piana, Roberto Gatto, Dado Moroni, Stefano Di Battista, Gegè Telesforo, Giovanni Tommaso, Flavio Boltro, Furio Di Castri, Fabrizio Bosso, Enrico Pierannunzi, Mario Biondi, Ornella Vanoni, Sergio Cammariere, Renzo Arbore and many others.
Max has performed in Japan, China, Netherlands, England, France, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Switzerland, Denmark, Deutschland, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Perù and United States.
Among his international awards:
Award “Massimo Urbani” for woodwinds, 2000
First prize at “Baronissi” national jazz contest, 2000
Audience award at “Tramplin Jazz D’Avignon” international contest, France, 2002
“JAZZIT AWARD” as best Italian tenor saxophonist, 2012
“JAZZIT AWARD” as best Italian tenor saxophonist, 2013
The popular magazine Jazzlife tributed to him a wide article with interview in the special edition “Jazz horn 2010”, addressing him as “a saxophonist who opened new boundaries in jazz”.
Max Ionata plays L.A. Ripamonti saxophones



以降の活躍は目覚ましく、世界的プレイヤーとの百戦錬磨の共演、伊Schema諸作品への参加、ダニエーレ・スカンナピエーコとの双頭プロジェクト『テナー・レガシー』を経て、およそ7年振りに自身のクァルテットによる渾身のハードバップ〜モーダル作『インスピレーション』を発表し一気に大ブレイク。須永辰緒氏監修の『夜ジャズ〜CLUB JAZZ DIGS LUPIN THE THIRD』にゲスト参加するなど、オーセンティックなジャズ・ファンのみならず、若いクラブ・ジャズ層からの支持も厚く、その倍音豊かな野太いサウンド、とめどなく溢れ出る明快かつ力強いフレージングをもとに、ファブリツィオ・ボッソとともにイタリアン・ジャズ界を背負う一人として熱い注目を集める。