ALBCD 004 – Inspiration – Max Ionata Quartet ft. Fabrizio Bosso and Gegè Telesforo

/マックス・イオナータ・クァルテット ft. ファブリツィオ・ボッソ


dg_logoAn already-great quartet – augmented by some wicked trumpet work by Fabrizio Bosso! The group perfectly sums up everything that’s great about the contemporary Italian jazz scene – a sound that has its roots in classic hardbop of the 50s and 60s, but a youthful energy that instantly communicates all the joy the players get from their music – a renewed sense of strength and purpose that we don’t always hear in American jazz dates of this nature! The recording is beautiful – as perfectly put together as some of the Deja Vu sessions from Italy in recent years – and the lineup features the tenor of Max Ionata in the lead, the guest trumpet of Fabrizio Bosso, piano from Luca Mannutza, bass from Nicola Muresu, and drums from Nicola Angelucci – on some great tunes that are often heavy in modal moments! Gege Telesforo guests on vocals on “Hey Rookie” – and other titles include “Satosong”, “Two Friends”, “Mi Diverto”, “Love For Sale”, “Fragile”, “The End Of A Love Affair”, and “Ginza Line”. © 1996-2012, Dusty Groove, Inc.

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Format: CD, 4 panels paper sleeve mini-LP style / ALBCD-004
ARTIST: Max Ionata Quartet ft. Fabrizio Bosso and Gegè Telesforo
TITLE: Inspiration
JAN: 4560312310045


Max Ionata (ts)
Luca Mannutza (p)
Nicola Muresu (b)
Nicola Angelucci (ds)
Fabrizio Bosso (tp)
Gegè Telesforo (vo, scat)
Bruno Marcozzi (perc)

Rec data:

Recorded at Riff Raff Jazf Studio, Trevignano Romano, Italy, on March 3-5, 2009
Recording engineer: Raimondo Mosci, Antonio Di Donato, Raffaele Rendina
Mixing engineer: Antonio Di Donato
Mastered at Tokyo Recording, Tokyo Japan


  1. Two Friends (L. Mannutza)
  2. Satosong (M. Ionata)
  3. Shiny Stockings (F. Foster)
  4. Funkone (M. Ionata)
  5. Hey, Rookie! (G. Telesforo)
  6. Ginza Line (L. Mannutza)
  7. Mi Diverto (L. Mannutza)
  8. Love For Sale (C. Porter)
  9. Fragile (N. Muresu)
  10. End Of A Love Affair (E. Redding)

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こんなにも跳ねまくったスタンダード・ナンバー“Love For Sale”は聴いたことないって!ますます熱さを増すイタリアン・ジャズ・シーンの若手トップ・テナー奏者が、ハイ・ファイヴのファブリッツィオ・ボッソら活きの良い伊達男たちと派手なプレイを繰り広げるファンキー・ハード・バップ・アルバムだ。叩き付けるピアノや2管によるブロウ合戦など、息つく間もなく疾走するトラックがズラリ!
bounce (C) 高木雄一郎/タワーレコード(vol.312 2009年07月25日発行号掲載)