Import LP – UNIVERSE-2019005 – S/T (RE) – Erwin Somer Group

Rare and dope dutch jazz / fusion / LIMITED EDITION COMES IN 3 DIFFERENT COLOURS / ONLY 100 EACH!

1972年6月にオランダの精鋭5人によって結成されたジャズ・ロック・バンド「Erwin Somer Group」が’唯一残した超稀少盤が、オリジナル・リリース元から待望の再版決定!!

オランダ/フローニンゲンで音楽を学び、カナダとオランダで活動していたErwin Somerが、オランダの伝説的ブルース・バンド「Cuby and the Blizzards」のリズム・セクションと、60年代に名を馳せた「Blues Dimension」のサックス奏者Rudy van Dijkを交えて結成したジャズ・ロック・グループ。

オリジナル盤に記された”N 20/74″との表記から、一部のコレクターの間では「限定74枚」と伝えられてきたが、実際には「1974年の第20週のプレス」と読むのが正しいとのこと。


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LABEL: Universe Productions
Format: LP / UNIVERSE-2019005
ARTIST: Erwin Somer Group
TITLE: Erwin Somer Group (RE)
EAN: 3267538555274

Originally released as: UP1-10, Universe Productions, 1973


Erwin Somer (vibraphone, percussion)
Rudy van Dyk (tenor sax)
Helmig Van Der Vegt (el. piano)
Jaap Van Eik (bass)
Hans La Faille (drums)

Rec data:

Pressed By – Deepgrooves
Remastered At – Ballyhoo Studio Mastering
Graphic Design – Erwin Somer
Graphic Design, Reissue Producer – Robert Wiersum
Remastered By – Johanz Westerman
Restoration [Uncredited] – Johanz Westerman


A1 D’ijssel (Helmig Van Der Vegt)
A2 Kobus & Tim (Erwin Somer)

B1 Maatje (Helmig Van Der Vegt, Rudy van Dijk)
B2 De Veerpont (Hans Lafaille)
B3 Grown Your Own (Keith Jarrett)


In June 1972, five very talented musicians decided to join forces to form the jazz-rock band “Erwin Somer Group”. Erwin Somer himself studied art and music in Groningen and had his own bands in Canada and the Netherlands. Furthermore, the band consisted of the former rhythm section of the famous Dutch blues group “Cuby and the Blizzards”: Hans La Faille, Helmig van de Vegt and Jaap van Eik. Saxophonist Rudy van Dijk graduated from the conservatory in Zwolle. He was also one of the co-founders of “Blues Dimension”, a Dutch super group in the sixties. This record is a reissue of their first and only, hard-to-get album, of which only a handful still exists. A forgotten Dutch jazz-rock gem – “Erwin Somer Group”.

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