Melting Records

Melting Records is a music label based in Athens, Greece. Thinking back, we struggle setting a specific starting date and time point for this musical journey. Officially, the label started in 2014 from Basilis in Greece who was later joined by Louis from France. They say ”every end is a new beginning” and that’s also the story of MR. The official establishment of the label was the fruit of many years of online music digging across internet’s musical platforms. From mid 2000s, Basilis and Louis were online music curators and managing blogs and YouTube music channels. Their love for eclectic beats and quality productions concluded in joining forces to release music.

In its five years of existence, our label released several albums from producers around Europe and introduced a series of compilations; an amalgam of carefully selected works which we love bringing together. MR distributes worldwide through our partners based in the Netherlands and Germany. We also occasionally organize live gigs and tours for our artists.

Throughout the years, various people from around Europe have joined our efforts to release music we love. Though the core of Melting Records is based in Athens, we maintain a worldwide/european profile and our collective is and will be always open.