Import LP – MR 010 – Orbeats: An Outer Space Compilation – V.A.

Rsn(ギリシャ)、Keno (a.k.a. David Hanke: Renegades of Jazz)、Kill Emil(ギリシャ)、Savages(ハンガリー)、Mononome(ギリシャ)、Pablie(スペイン)、Hugo Kant(フランス)、Hashfinger(UK)、Ancient Austronauts(ドイツ)、Radj(ロシア)。インターナショナルな10組のDowntempoアーティストがいざなう宇宙への旅。Side Aは「光」、Side Bは「闇」をあらわす。【限定500枚】

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LABEL: Melting Records, Greece
Format: LP (LTD 500) / MR 010
TITLE: Orbeats: An Outer Space Compilation
Barcode: 4560312319901


Kill Emil
Kill Emil & Mononome
Hugo Kant
Ancient Austronauts


Released on March 22, 2020
Mastered by Blanka at Kasablanka Studio
Cover design:
Artwork Design by Manolis Chalkiadakis
Executive Producers: Basilis Foteinos & Andreas Pallidis


Side A

  1. Rsn – Trip to Mars 02:17
  2. Keno – Elwood 05:03
  3. Kill Emil (feat. Savages) – Transformations 04:58
  4. Kill Emil & Mononome – Clear Skies 04:03

Side B

  1. Pablie – Sunday Riders 04:05
  2. Hugo Kant – Kamet 04:41
  3. Hashfinger – Coriolis Effect 03:29
  4. Ancient Austronauts – Crescent Moon 03:42
  5. Radj – Batiskaf 03:46

Album preview


Melting Records travels the spaceways with an exciting new compilation: ORBEATS. The album gathers ten international downtempo artists for the purpose of creating music suitable for the dreamy, languid journey through interstellar space. Side A represents the light of our closest star while the darkness of the long void is found on the flip side. Εach track is matched to a heavenly body — it’s an aural trip to the moon, to the planets, and back to Earth.

Greek beat maker Rsn opens the ‘light side’ of ORBEATS with a ”Trip To Mars”. The track sets the tone as it floats and shimmers over a downtempo shuffle, meteoric accents sparkling as we go. Keno — AKA David Hanke from Renegades of Jazz — gently offers plucked celestial strings on “Elwood”, joined by lovely vibraphone and saxophone flourishes. The renowned rhythm-wrangler Kill Emil features on the next two collaborative tracks. “Transformations” includes the Hungarian-based Savages who contributes twinkling instrumentation over Kill Emil’s exceptional beat construction. Young producer Mononome then joins Kill Emil on “Clear Skies”, providing a particularly phat beat to accompany the track’s spaced-out treatments and melodies.

The Spanish beat-matador Pablie opens the ‘dark side’ with “Sunny Riders”, an ethereal cut driven by visions of harps, sitars, and a snapping rhythm.Now, on the B side, we’re traveling through the ‘dark side’ of the cosmos. French flutist and producer Hugo Kant creates an exotic mood with pulsating chords, strange vocals, sitar, and a bevy of other instruments. “Coriolis Effect” — by UK producer Hashfinger — is next, teleporting solid drums and alien vibes across the galaxy. Then there’s a lovely space station transmission from acclaimed duo Ancient Astronauts, the evocative and cinematic “Crescent Moon.” Russian downtempo veteran RADJ closes out the set with his otherworldly “Batiskaf”. Coded signals percolate over flickering vibes and a subdued beat, ending ORBEATS on a sense of wonderment.

ORBEATS is an essential addition to any music lover’s cargo, whether for a short trip to the DJ booth or a long haul across the solar system. Blast off!