Import LP – MR 005 – Five Finger Discount – Savages [Sold Out]

Hungary-based producer Savages is releasing his first album on 12” vinyl on the 25th May 2016.
Melting Records is pleased to snag and reissue the rare album Five Finger Discount from Budapest-based producer Nándor Kürtössy, known here as Savages. Originally released in 2008 in a limited fashion and only on compact disc, the album has been sought after by hip hop and trip hop heads alike. Melting Records has now issued this classic album for the first time on vinyl and is ready to give these tracks the wide audience they deserve. Nándor Kürtössy is a prolific producer, behind many projects like Kovacs, Savages y Suefo, and Vega Ass, and is also the founder of his own Hungarian electronic music label, Mana Mana Records. Five Finger Discount was Nándor’s First release, born from the previous few years of sessions creating tracks for himself and his friends. Encouraged to collect these cuts onto an album, Savages was created and this remarkable album revealed. Its legend has grown since the initial release with some considering Five Finger Discount a classic of eastern European hip hop culture. The album track “You’re My Chocolate” has since become quite popular among the Greek downtempo DJ scene.
The melancholic guitars and tranquil atmosphere of “ You’re My Chocolate ” are indeed special, and its languid beats lead the listener through an evocative journey told through sound. This cut is indicative of Savages’ vibe and is only one of the highlights on this jampacked album. Cuts like “ Lookin’ For You ”, “ Long Distances ”, and “ The Blow ” also captivate by combining hip hop, vintage lounge, and dance floor appeal into a heady, samplerich stew.
Nándor’s sense of humor is also evident throughout as spoken snippets and spycrafted rhythms intermingle within the playful arrangements. Savages is on point … and this Five Finger Discount is a hefty bargain.

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LABEL: Melting Records, Greece
FORMAT: LP (Ltd 300 copies, hand-numbered)/ MR 005 [SOLD OUT]
ARTIST: Savages
TITLE: Five Finger Discount
Barcode: 4560312319529




Side A:

  1. Pitch-In
  2. Lookin’ For You
  3. Happy Galloppers (Remix – Mr. Bird)
  4. You’re My Chocolate
  5. The Blow

Side B:

  1. Get Back To Me
  2. Rollin / Scratches – DJ Globe
  3. Long Distances
  4. Strictly Smooth Sunday
  5. Getting Crazy Sometimes

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