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LABEL: Melting Records, Greece
Format: LP (LTD 700) / MR 013
TITLE: Countermagic
Barcode: 4560312319932


A1: Zach Scribner (guitar), Morgan Fleming (violin), Spherelet (vocals, ukulele), Peter Reintjes (cello)
A3: Chris Hill (bass), Spherelet (bass melody)
A4: Tonito Walls (saxophone)
A5: Tonito Walls (flute), Spherelet (guitar)
B1: Spherelet (guitar), Tonito Walls (flute)
B2: Tonito Walls (flute)
B3: Tonito Walls (flute), Zach Scribner (guitar), Spherelet (guitar)
B5: Spherelet (vocals, keys, guitar, composition), Morgan Fleming (violin), Chris Hill (bass), Zach Scriber (guitar)


Released January 6, 2020
Cover art illustration by Davide Edoardo Cassano
Cover art concepts: Caren Scaife and Spherelet
Thematic/Genre Consulting: Rob Hansen
Mastered by Jon Tidey, /
DAW: REAPER 6 by Cockos, Inc

Executive Producers: Basilis Foteinos & Andreas Pallidis


Side A

  1. Countermagic 04:31
  2. For the True 03:38
  3. Telapathetic 03:08
  4. Spectre Detectre 04:06
  5. Voodon’t 02:52

Side B

  1. Hex Deflector 03:20
  2. Incan’tation 03:30
  3. Nocus Pocus 03:57
  4. Whichcraft 03:34
  5. Gold Eyes 04:34

Album preview


In which it has been personally revealed that the protagonist possesses magical powers.

“Countermagic” – sacred music imbued with subnatural power.

Provision yourself against the damaging influence of supernatural forces. No longer get caught unaware by psychic scamps and prognosticating scoundrels – safely render lurid precognitions into inert postcognitions. Quell spelled crystals by placing them closer the the speaker. render sorcery to fiction and bid farewell to yesterday’s maledictions. You can have this power – share the disenchantment with everyone you know and love.

| curse disbursement | hex deflection | karma collection | spectre detection | demonic protection |

DISCLAIMER: Countermagic will not function without the total faith and spiritual cooperation by its participants. If you are not open or receptive to the REAL MAGICAL POWER imbued in these songs, they will not function as expected. The use of counter-Counter magic must also be considered in case of perceived talismanic failure.