Import – EWOC 001 – Milt Jackson Sings With The Enrico Intra Group [Sold out]

ヴィブラフォン奏者ミルト・ジャクソンが哀愁漂う“ヴォーカル”をとる、1964年に伊Derbyに残された幻の名作が待望の復刻。サポートを務めるのは、エンリーコ・イントラ(p)を筆頭に、フランコ・チェッリ(g)、ジャンカルロ・バリゴッツィ(as, fl)、ジル・クッピーニ(ds)といった、当時の伊ジャズ・シーンを代表する錚々たる面々。
今回のアナログ復刻にあたっては、コレクター垂涎、伊Derby盤(DBL 8009、ファースト・プレス)の仕様に基づき、高名なフォトジャーナリスト、ジャンコロンボのアーカイヴを有するスザンナ・ジャンコロンボ氏の協力によりセッションの未発表写真と、新たにイントラ氏によって書き起こされたイントロダクションを掲載したライナーノーツを封入。(特典はLPにのみ付属します)



LABEL: seriE.WOC, Italy
CD / EWOC-CD001 (JAN: 4560312319093) SOLD OUT
Originally released as: Derby DBL 8009 (1964, Italy)


Milt Jackson (vo)
Enrico Intra (p)
Giancarlo Barigozzi (a.sax, flute)
Franco Cerri (g)
Augusto Righetti (g)
Pallino Salonia (b)
Gil Cuppini (ds)
Sergio Almangano, Virgilio Marzorati, Antonio Anciello, Riccardo Avezzani, Libero Massara, Edoardo De Masellis, Alfredo Bignazzi, Franco Micheletti (strings)
Gianfranco Intra (arr)


Produced by Enrico Intra
Recorded at the C.G.D. Studios in Milan on March 27, 1964 (A4, B4 on April 17, 1964)
Recording engineer : Mimmo Monsurrò
Franco Cerri is heard by arrangement with Columbia Records.
Cover & back-liner photos : Giancolombo, Milan
Album design : Giancarlo Buonfino

seriE.WOC thanks to:
Enrico Intra for the licensing of the record and the introduction liner notes on the insert. The Archivio Giancolombo in the person of Susanna Giancolombo for the very kind availability and the possibility of using pictures and Gerardo Frisina for archives advice.


A1. TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT (Bock-Holofcener-Weiss)
A2. WHEN I FALL IN LOVE (Young-Heyman)
A3. HEARTSTRINGS (Milt Jackson)
A4. TRIBUTE TO MILT (Enrico Intra)
A5. TIME AFTER TIME (Styne-Cahn)

B1. OLD DEVIL MOON (Lane-Harburg)
B2. THE MORE I SEE YOU (Warren-Gordon)
B3. STORIA DI UN AMORE (Almaran-De Simone-Biri)
B4. INTRAMOOD (Enrico Intra)
B5. AUTUMN LEAVES (Kosma-Mercer-Prevert)


Originally released on Derby, the international division of C.G.D. but also be aimed at Italian artists, this record was occasionally made from the meeting of Milt Jackson with guitarist Franco Cerri, defined by Milt Jackson one of the most brilliant guitarists he met during one of his Italian tour in Milan. Finding himself at “Intra’s Derby Club”, one of the most important clubs, if not the most visible of the jazz scene in Italy, Cerri asked him to sing a song, having heard it before on another occasion. The result surprised the same Milt Jackson, for the warmth and positive mood expressed during his performance, so that the next time, Enrico Intra asked him to join his quartet to make a recording as a singer. The result is a collection of cover songs and original compositions recorded in the studio unable to recreate the same hot mood feelings that you can only have during a live show. Two tracks with strings were arranged by the brother of Intra, born Gian Franco, and at the session also attended the well-known Venetian photojournalist Giancolombo, already in the pay of United Press Photos and the French magazine Paris Match. Giancolombo is considered one of the greatest photojournalist in Italy and thanks to the generous permission of Archivio Giancolombo in Milan, we had the option to create an insert within this publication with unpublished photos from the original photo shooting.