Import – EWOC 011 – Lone Rider – Torolf Mølgaard Trombone Music

『COOL SCANDINAVIANS / DANISH JAZZ COVER ARTWORK FROM 1950-1970』87ページ掲載、デニッシュ・ジャズ不朽の名作がオリジナル・アートワークで奇跡の初リイシュー



LABEL: seriE.WOC, Italy
LP / EWOC-LP011 (JAN: 4560312319208) SOLD OUT
CD / EWOC-CD011 (JAN: 4560312319314)

Originally released as: Artist/ Edition Wilhelm Hansen LP508 (1972, Denmark)


Torolf Mølgaard (tb)
Erling Kroner (tb)
Axel Windfeld (tb, arr)
Ole Kurt Jensen (b-tb)
Ole Kock Hansen (p, celesta, el-p, arr)
Ole Molin (g)
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (b)
Bjarne Rostvold (d, perc)
Kenny Drew, Sahib Shihab, Dage Jonsson, Hans Henrik Ley (arr)


Recorded at wifos studios Copenhagen
Photography: Tolf-Jensen
Cover Design: Finn Alm

seriE.WOC thanks to:
Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Claus Rasmussen for artwork and Sir Tony Higgins for liner notes.


A1. Lone Rider
Music by Ole Kock Hansen – Arranged by Ole Kock Hansen
A2. A Bossa For You
Music by Kenny Drew – Arranged by Kenny Drew
A3. Autumn
Music by Maltby Jr-Shire – Arranged by Axel Windfeld
A4. Safari
Music by Sahib Shihab – Arranged by Sahib Shihab

B1. Night In Tunisia
Music by Dizzy Gillespie – Arranged by Dage Johnson
B2. Sleepy
Music by Bobby Bryant – Arranged by Axel Windfeld
B3. Beat It
Music by Dage Johnson – Arranged by Zxel Windfeld
B4. Hr. Medelvold Og Jomfru Redselille
old Danish folk tune – Arranged by Hans Henrik Ley

Original Notes

About the music. Our idea in making this album has been to present the trombone sound in a varied programme for all tastes – Ballad, Bossa Nova, Folk Song, Beat and Jazz. Some of the numbers have been written specially for us by well-known musicians like Kenny Drew, Sahib Shihab, Dage Johnson and our own pianist, Ole Koch Hansen. In this album, “Lone Rider”, “Night in Tunisia” and “Sleepy” are scored for 9 trombones and rhythm group. We recorded the left channel first with 4 of the trombones and the rhythm group, synchronising the four others on the right channel and solo trombone in the centre afterwards. “A Bossa for You”, “Safari” and “Beat It” is scored for 4 trombones and rhythm. Axel Windfeld’s arrangement of “Autumn”, scored for 5 trombones, was inspired by Barbra Streisand’s recording of it. Here again, we recorded the four accompanying trombones first and added the solo afterwards.”Hr Medelvold og Jomfru Redselille” comes from the repertoire of the Danish Radio Jazz Group, and this arrangement of it, for trombone, celeste, bass, guitar and drums, is based on the original arrangement by Hans Henrik Ley. We would like to express our grateful appreciation to the many who have helped to make this album possible. – Torolf Mølgård, 1972


The album ‘‘Lone Rider’’ was originally recorded and released in a gatefold sleeve on the Danish Artist/ Edition Wilhelm Hansen label in 1972. The recording covers a lot of musical ground including cool jazz, bebop and bossa nova and has long been a collector’’s trophy piece due to its limited original pressing. Among the stand out tracks are ‘‘Safari’’ and a great cover of Dizzy Gillespie’’s classic ‘‘A Night in Tunisia’’.

Torolf Mølgaard was born in Copenhagen in 1939 and started out playing tuba in a local brass band before buying his first trombone at 15.
After a brief spell playing in military bands he joined the Saratoga Jazz Band based in Aarhus, Denmark’’s second city.
In 1961 Mølgaard played with tenor / alto saxophonist and clarinettist Jesper Thilo and released his debut album, ‘‘Trombone!’’ in 1964 on the Sonet label before joining the Danish Radio Big Band that same year. He maintained a position in the band until 1973 and can be heard on such classic and collectible recordings as ‘‘Sahib Shihab And The Danish Radio Jazz Group’’ (Oktav, 1965) and Palle Mikkelborg & Radiojazzgruppen ‘‘The Mysterious Corona’’ (Debut, 1967). As well as playing with local Scandinavian groups, Mølgaard also performed frequently with George Russell and Don Cherry, two American artist/composers who, like Sahib Shihab, based themselves in Scandinavia for many years in the 1960s and 1970s.
Like many of the leading European and Scandinavian jazz musicians of the era, Mølgaard was a sometime member of the Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band and can be heard on the 1967 album ‘‘Out of the Bag Folk Bag’’ (Columbia). Other musical associations include work with Peter Herbolzheimer, Sender Freies Berlin, Knut Kiesewetter, Marianne Rosenberg and led the ensemble, Trombones United.