Import CD – TINCD-006 – The Long Ride – Tini (Katharina) Thomsen


13歳でテナー・サックスを始め、15歳でバリトンに転向、’03年アムステルダムに拠点を移し、さらに低域のバス・クラリネットを音楽院で学んだというトムセン('81年生)。自己プロジェクトに加え、Metropole Orchestra、Windkracht 7、New Cool Collective Bigbandなどダッチ・ジャズの最前線で活躍する若手実力派の一人。


LABEL: 339 Records, NL
Format: CD digi-pak / TINCD-006
ARTIST: Tini Thomsen
TITLE: The Long Ride
EAN: 9789078377283


Natanael Ramos (tp)
Tini (Katharina) Thomsen (baritone sax)
Nigel Hitchcock (alto sax)
Tom Trapp (guitar)
Mark Haanstra (bass)
Satindra Kalpoe (drums)

Rec data:

Recorded at Warning Studio
Mixed by Marc Broer
Mastered at Skye Mastering by Denis Blackham


  1. Long Ride
  2. Lightning Girl
  3. Petal #1
  4. Imaginary Friend
  5. Chicago
  6. Petal #2
  7. Say It Quietly
  8. Equalizer
  9. Petal #3


Katharina Thomsen (28.11.1981 in Hamburg) started playing the saxophone because of the movie „Some like it hot“, deeply in love with Tony Curtis, at the age of 13.
She started with the tenor but after discovering that it can be lower she switched to the baritone at the age of 15, three years later playing in the Landesjugendjazzorchester Hamburg and German Youth Jazz Orchestra.

After two years of studying jazz at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg with Fiete Felsch she moved to Amsterdam in 2003 to study with Ferdinand Povel. In 2005 an even lower instrument received more attention, the bass clarinet, and she got the opportunity to study it as second main subject; classic basclarinet with Erik van Deuren from 2005-2011. In 2008 she finished the bachelor (saxophone), 2011 she finished her master degree for saxophone with “cum laude“ and special remark on the composition that had become her third main focus.

Her composition won several prizes;
2008: Metropole Orchestra arrangers/composers workshop with Vince Mendoza
2009: New Dutch arrangers contest, Cd Recording
2010: Bujazzo composers contest, Cd Recording

Since july 2011 she works as a freelance musician, arranger and composer.
She played with the Metropole Orchestra, Windkracht 7, New Cool Collective Bigband, Konrad Koselleck Bigband, Noord Nederland Orchestra, David Kwecksilber Bigband, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Glenn Miller Orchestra, her own band MaxSax, String Quartet Quinetique, Brownie Dutch, Shirma Rouse, Guus Meeuwis, Ellen ten Damme, Corrie van Binsbergen, Sven Hammond Soul, The four Baritones and Nora Fischer, Alain Clark, Waylon, Incognito, The Temptations.

In Germany she played with the NDR Bigband, Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra, HR Bigband, Malte Schillers „Red Balloon“, Ralf Hesse Bigband, Orchester der Bad Hersfelder Festspiele, Forkolor, Pepe Lienhard Orchestra and the MTV Unplugged sessions.
Together with a Dutch horn section she joined the great Dr John for a couple of gigs at North Sea Jazz Festival and Montreux Jazz Festival, Jazz in Middelheim coming this August.