Import CD – RRJ 1040 – Shadows – Daniele Cavallanti “A World of Sound” Quartet



LABEL: Rudi Records (Italy)
Format: CD / RRJ 1040
ARTIST: Daniele Cavallanti “A World of Sound” Quartet
TITLE: Shadows
EAN: 8058456240459


Daniele Cavallanti, tenor sax
Francesco Chiapperini, alto sax, bass clarinet, flute
Gianluca Alberti, bass
Toni Boselli, drums

Rec data:

All compositions by Daniele Cavallanti except 2 and 7 by Wayne Shorter
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Il Guscio – Milano, by Lorenzo Farolfi
Tracks 1-5 recorded in June 2018
tracks 6-9 recorded in April 2018
Art by Ale Sordi


“I formed A World of Sound Quartet in 2013. In these last years or so the quartet has been playing live, in jazz clubs of the Milano area mainly, quite extensively, considering the difficult live jazz situation, and this led to the decision to bring the band in the studio again to record the second quartet’s cd. I wrote Minutes, or Trance Minutes, years ago for the Italian Instabile Orchestra, played and recorded the piece also with the Milano Civica Scuola di Jazz Big Band and my Brotherhood Creative Trance Music Ensemble; here, reduced to its essence, is a version for quartet . William Parker and Harry Miller are two compositions of mine obviously dedicated these two great bass players, while Aman is dedicated to Tiziano Terzani. God Rest You, Merry Gentlemen is a famous english Christmas traditional with an intriguing melody which I thought could be rended in some kind of “Aylerish” mood. As for the two Shorter’s pieces; Ju Ju is played straight, while we decided to rivisit Infant Eyes playing on the changes and structure of the piece, but in a more free and open rhythmic flow and intention” Daniele Cavallanti


  1. Trance Minutes 8:22
  2. Ju Ju 6:52
  3. Impro n. 1 1:39
  4. God Rest You, Merry Gentlemen 6:46
  5. Impro n. 2 6:22
  6. William Parker 5:37
  7. Infant Eyes 9:02
  8. Anam 8:13
  9. Harry Miller 7:28

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