Import CD – RRJ 1039 – Reaction and Reflection – Alessandro Nobile, Dave Burrell, Antonio Moncada

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LABEL: Rudi Records (Italy)
Format: CD / RRJ 1039
ARTIST: Alessandro Nobile, Dave Burrell, Antonio Moncada
TITLE: Reaction and Reflection
EAN: 8058456240428


Alessandro Nobile, doublebass
Dave Burrell, piano
Antonio Moncada, drums

Rec data:

All music by Nobile, Burrell, Moncada
Recorded live at Vittoria Colonna Theater, Vittoria, Sicily, March 2017, by Lorenzo Manganaro
Cover art by Gianni Robustelli
Photo by Rosalba Amorelli
Art by Ale Sordi


Reaction and reflection are two elements at the base of the rich interplay triggered by the meeting between the great american pianist Dave Burrell with the double bass player Alessandro Nobile and the drummer Antonio Moncada, two important figures on the Sicilian Jazz scene. The dense and warm music that springs, pulsates with great energy and humanity.
In a strategic and natural alternation between exploratory moments, areas of overwhelming swing and earthly pulsation, the music flows between dialogue and narration throughout the whole of this intense session, recorded in the land of Sicily.


  1. Reaction One 9:04
  2. Reflection One 9:44
  3. Reaction Two 7:26
  4. Reflection Two 6:36
  5. Reaction Three 8:02
  6. Reflection Three 3:34
  7. For Carlo 4:32

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