Import CD – RRJ 1025 – The Surface of an Object – Trio (mit) Marlene

In music, space is a measure of time, and shapes exist as a result of a time procedure just like, according to Calvino, the narration of a story is an operation in duration. A sculpture is a sculpture, which is to say, an object. As soon as it starts to breath or to grow, though, it becomes something else and the improviser must come to terms with this new reality, and make decisions. Similarly, we as musicians must decide what 'material' ultimately means to us and whether it's necessary that a horse or a human face should be drawn like objects, having the same capacity for a surface and the same presence of an armchair or a cubist guitar. And, of course, we are expected to know how to play that cubist guitar. It's part of the craft. Giacomo Merega

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LABEL: Rudi Records (Italy)
Format: CD / RRJ 1025
ARTIST: Trio (mit) Marlene
TITLE: The Surface of an Object
JAN: 8058456240282


Giacomo Merega (bass guitar)
Michaël Attias (alto saxophone, Wurlitzer piano)
Satoshi Takeishi (percussion)

Rec data:

Compositions by Giacomo Merega
Recorded in November 2013, by Drew Vogelman, The Garden, Brooklyn NY
Mixed and mastered in March 2014, by Drew Vogelman, The Garden, Brooklyn NY
Art by Ale Sordi


  1. The physical margins of the novel (11:26)
  2. How to build a wall with your head (12:18)
  3. Life’s a photograph (7:05)
  4. How it always vanishes (Kokoschka) (7:47)

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