Import CD – RRJ 1037 – The Big Earth – Francesco Chiapperini Extemporary Vision Ensemble

自身の故郷プーリャ州の伝統と文化をテーマに「The Big Earth」と題された本作。12人編成のジャズ・オーケストラによるテンションの高いアンサンブルを基調に、各人のクリエイティヴィティが随所で堰を切って溢れ出すエネルギッシュな1作。

The new album of Francesco Chiapperini and his Extemporary Vision Ensemble. After a remarkable debut with “Our Redemption”, released in 2015 and dedicated to Massimo Urbani, Chiapperini returns to the Rudi Records with a new and heartfelt tribute to the “great land” of Puglia and its deep cultural and musical tradition. A universe steeped in rituals originating from the ancient peasant and maritime civilization. A tribute to tradition in an absolute sense, where the painful themes of the fanfare develop in heartfelt Free collective, and the cadences typical of South Italy's band music are transformed into contagious grooves and thematic openings of considerable orchestral impact.



LABEL: Rudi Records (Italy)
Format: CD / RRJ 1037
ARTIST: Francesco Chiapperini Extemporary Vision Ensemble
TITLE: The Big Earth
JAN: 8058456240411


Francesco Chiapperini (arrangements, compositions, clarinet, bass clarinet)
Andrea Jimmy Catagnoli (alto sax)
Gianluca Elia (tenor sax)
Eloisa Manera (violin)
Vito Emanuele Galante (trumpet)
Marco Galetta (trumpet)
Andrea Baronchelli (trombone, tuba)
Simone Quatrana (piano)
Luca Pissavini (cello)
Andrea Grossi (double bass)
Filippo Sala (drums)
Filippo Monico (drums, percussions)

Rec data:

Recorded Live at La Scighera, on 26th April 2016, Milan
Mixed June 2017 at Inter Play Recording Studio by Lorenzo Sempio
Mastering December 2017 by New Mastering Studio, Milan
Cover Photo by Ester Lavinia d’Elia
Art by Ale Sordi


  1. Palmieri (B. Palmieri) 2:25
  2. La merc d Palm (F. Chiapperini) 3:00
  3. Tramonto tragico (A. Inglese) 2:48
  4. Gatti (D. Gatti) 14:26
  5. Palmieralzer (B. Palmieri) 4:25
  6. U Conzasiegge (V. Valente) 1:30
  7. La segg aggstat (F. Chiapperini) 6:59
  8. Gatti (reprise #1) (D. Gatti) 2:06
  9. Canigattì (F. Chiapperini) 6:11
  10. La varc du pescator (F. Chiapperini) 6:46
  11. Il pescatore (V. Valente) 7:20
  12. Gatti (reprise #2) (D. Gatti) 2:10
  13. Gattigulì (F. Chiapperini) 3:42
  14. Fantozzi (P. Minafra) 7:34

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