IMPORT CD – JT1906003 – Change of Heart – Tal Gamlieli Trio meets Dayna Stephens

オランダZennezレコードのオーナーJohn Weijersが新たに立ち上げるNYジャズ・プロジェクト「Jazztribes」。

2016年1月、パナマ・ジャズ・フェスティヴァルのアクトで世界にその名を知らしめたイスラエル出身のベーシスト、Tal Gamlieli率いるピアノ・トリオに、『Down Beat』誌主催/2017年・第67回クリティック・ポールでRising Star2位に選出されたサックス奏者Dayna Stephensを交えた4tet作品。



LABEL: Jazz Tribes, Netherlands
Format: CD / JT1906003
ARTIST: Tal Gamlieli Trio meets Dayna Stephens
TITLE: Change of Heart
EAN: 9789492961143


Tal Gamlieli (double bass)
Dayna Stephens (saxophones, EWI)
Chai Bar David (piano, Rhodes)
Amir Bar Akiva (drums)


A recipient of a Downbeat Magazine Award for Outstanding Performance, bassist/composer Tal Gamlieli from Israel possesses a highly expressive, lyrical and harmonious musical style, and conveys a wide sweep of emotions, colours and textures. The trio that bears his name made its first international appearance at the Panama Jazz Festival, in January 2016, since when it has been touring extensively across the globe.

New York based Dayna Stephens is chosen ‘Rising Star Tenor Sax’ this year in the 67th Annual DownBeat International Critics Poll. Dayna admits he’s always searching to find what’s “singable.” That search often results in compositions that challenge traditional concepts of harmony, pushing phrasing and sending beautiful and unintentional melodies in unlikely directions.

“The idea to create Change of Heart came to mind while we were on tour in Israel in December 2016”, says Tal. “We were driving to a concert and talked about the political situation and the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. For us, unfortunately, the word ‘peace’ lost its original meaning because politicians make cynical use of it for their own benefit. Dayna then said, “Why don’t we compose new music for peace? Let’s give every composition a title that refers to the situation -and many like it around the planet – but without actually using the word peace.”

CHANGE OF HEART includes 7 new compositions, 3 by Gamlieli and 4 by Stephens. “We dedicate this music to humanity in hope for a better future. One filled with compassion, love and understanding”, says Tal. According to Robert Ham, Downbeat, “what impact on the global community the record might have remains to be seen, but the music feels like it can move mountains.”


  1. Change of Heart
  2. Common Ancestors
  3. Check Point
  4. Just an Ordinary Girl
  5. U R Me Blues
  6. Familiar Melody
  7. At Least 37th Cousins

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