IMPORT CD – JT1906001 – Inner Visions – Lawrence Clark

オランダZennezレコードのオーナーJohn Weijersが新たに立ち上げるNYジャズ・プロジェクト「Jazztribes」。




LABEL: Jazztribes, Netherlands
Format: CD / JT1906001
ARTIST: Lawrence Clark
TITLE: Inner Visions
EAN: 9789492961129


Lawrence Clark (tenor sax)
Jeremy Pelt (trumpet)
Duane Eubanks (trumpet)
David Bryant (piano, Rhodes)
Joris Teepe (double bass)
Darrell Green (drums)

Rec data:

Recorded at Tedesco Studios, Paramus, NJ 9/17/2018
Mixed and mastered by Alex Geurink at Studio West Hoogland, The Netherlands


Lawrence Clark was introduced to the saxophone at an early age and later played in his middle and high school concert and jazz ensembles before attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where he studied with Fred Lipsius, Andy McGee, and Bill Pierce.

Clark later moved to New York City in pursuit of a higher level of musicianship.
There, he became actively involved within the local music scene and eventually began leading several groups of his own and playing along side many world-renowned musicians including Jeremy Pelt, Eric Mcpherson, David Weiss, Billy Hart, Gene Jackson, and Rashied Ali, to name a few.

The album represents Clark’s journey both musically and spiritually and pays homage to one of his biggest inspirations with whom he played for many years, Rashied Ali.
Of Ali, Clark states, “Rashied was not only my mentor but also my good friend, like family. This album is a dedication to him and all my heroes.”

Another significant influence of Clark’s is John Coltrane, and the selections “Blew” and “Freedom” were written with the jazzmaster’s open and free artistic philosophy in mind.


  1. Mr Ali – 1
  2. Blew
  3. Judgment Day
  4. Freedom
  5. Time Traveler
  6. Anit
  7. Inner Visions
  8. Nibiru
  9. Mr Ali – 2

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