Import CD – FYR 034 – The Revoid Ensemble – Klas Nevrin

効果的に用いられた微分音が北欧のノスタルジーを感じさせるThird Stream作品。

*Paper sleeve. CD has some light scratches.



LABEL: Found You Recordings, Sweden
Format: CD (125 x 125 mm Paper sleeve) / FYR 034
ARTIST: Klas Nevrin
TITLE: The Revoid Ensemble
EAN: 7320470198629


Klas Nevrin (keyboards)
Anna Lindal (violin)
Katt Hernandez (violin)
Audrey Chen (cello & voice)
Vilhelm Bromander (double bass)
Ricard Österstam (drums)
Per Texas Johansson (reeds)
Eivind Lønning (trumpet)

Rec data:

Recorded live, on 29 January 2016 at Theatre Lederman in Stockholm


Klas Nevrin’s Revoid Ensemble consists of eight highly acclaimed musicians from Norway, Sweden and the USA — each is working in other ensembles as diverse as Yun Kan 10, Barry Guy New Orchestra, Christian Wallumrød Ensemble and The Schematics. The collaboration is an intense exploration of improvisation through a myriad of methods, sounds and moods. The synergistic bringing together of diverse and even conflictual elements is inspired by the Third Stream movement, and ranges from minimalistic complexity and dense polyrhythm to reductionist textures and microtonal impressionism.

The CD was recorded live on 29 January 2016 at Theatre Lederman in Stockholm. The Revoid Ensemble is an extension of the quintet “Klas Nevrin Ensemble” and further develops the ambition to blend a large variety of acoustic and electronic sounds as well as achieving a rich dynamic spectrum. It also involves the use of non-standard intonations, inspired by balafon and gamelan tunings as well as composers such as Terry Riley, Charles Ives and Ben Johnston. The superimposition of tempos and rubatos is another distinguishing mark, a “disorderly order” that can produce interesting avenues for rhythmic interaction. The modular compositions (all by Klas Nevrin) always involve collective improvisation, although sometimes in unexpected ways. For example, precomposed material is designed so that it affords the musicians new ways to create ambiguity and interact with each other.

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