Import LP – FYR 037LP – Faller På Eget Grepp – Kvintetten Som Sprängdes

スウェーデン/ヨーテボリ出身のアルト奏者 Niklas Bogren Persson 率いるクィンテット、Kvintetten Som Sprängdes(The Quintet that blew up)による通算3作目、結成10年目にして最後となる渾身の一作。
アルバム・タイトル「Faller På Eget Grepp」(Falls on its own grip)は、ジャケ写のレスリングのイラストが示すように、投げて自ら下に倒れ込むという意味でしょうか。コンテンポラリーなコンセプトとは裏腹に、作品の内容は極めて正統です。



LABEL: Found You Recordings, Sweden
Format: LP / FYR 037 LP
ARTIST: Kvintetten Som Sprängdes
TITLE: Faller På Eget Grepp
EAN: 7320470224281


Niklas Bogren Persson (alto & sopranino saxophone)
Christoffer Alehed (trombone)
Rasmus Borg (piano)
Patric Thorman (double bass)
Martin Öhman (drums)

Rec data:

Recorded at Bergastudion, Åkersberga, 27th of November 2016 by Petter Hälaas and Åke Nimrell.
All music by Niklas Bogren Persson, except B1 by Kvintetten Som Sprängdes (Stim/ncb)

Album preview



Ten years have passed since Gothenburg based saxophonist Niklas Bogren Persson – together with trombone player Kristoffer Alehed, pianist Rasmus Borg, bass player Patric Thorman and drummer Martin Öhman – formed the group Kvintetten Som Sprängdes (Eng. The Quintet that blew up). Now as they are releasing their third album Faller På Eget Grepp (Eng. Falls on its own grip), the road seems to have come to its end. The quintet says goodbye with the flag at the summit. We hear a matured interplay, collectively improvised around Niklas Bogren Persson’s compositions, with an expression that is recognizable, but at the same time feels pleasantly intriguing and strange to the ear. The new material stirs and shakes into life the energy that so strongly characterizes the group. It’s like everyone finally found their role and place in the band. And this… is were it all ends. The new music is heard here for a first and final time. Farewell.