Import LP – SAS 004 – Allt Åt Alla – Vilhelm Bromander ‘s Initiativ

「The Revoid Ensemble / Klas Nevrin」(FYR034, Found You Recordings)で記憶に新しい、スウェーデン/ストックホルムのエクスペリメンタル・シーンで活躍するベーシスト、 Vilhelm Bromander (1988年生) 名義による2017年コンテンポラリー・ハードバップ〜フリー作品。

With roots in the '60s free jazz and contemporary improvised music, the initiative is a non-hierarchical and norm-critical collective. The music is characterised by the joy of playing and the free improvisations, placed in long-composed suite forms. Hard swing, wild improvisations and lyrical melodies melt together in unexpected combinations and give each other new colours and spiritual depth. The music has a political setting which makes the raised fist heard in every note.



LABEL: Signal and Sound Records, Sweden
Format: LP (LTD 300) / SAS 004
ARTIST: Vilhelm Bromanders Initiativ
TITLE: Allt Åt Alla
EAN: 7320470222478


Marthe Lea (saxophone)
Niklas Barnö (trumpet)
Lisa Ullén (piano)
Vilhelm Bromander (double bass)
Christopher Cantillo (drums)

Rec data:


  1. Mot Kung & Fosterland
  2. Cococo
  3. Rockefeller Rock
  4. Alla åt Alla
  5. Den Bortglömda Utopin