Import LP – ODDFUNK 005 – We Call It Real – The Blassics

フィンランド発、アナログ・サウンドに強いこだわりを持ち、ヴィンテージ機材を用いたアナログ・レコーディングで60-70年代のレアグルーヴ・サウンドを現代に再現する<Odd Funk Records>。

レーベルを主宰するアフロ・ビート〜クラシック・ジャズ・ファンク・バンド「THE BLASSICS」による2ndフル・アルバム。



LABEL: Odd Funk Records, Finland
FORMAT: LP limited 500 copies, hand-numbered / ODDFUNK-005
ARTIST: The Blassics
TITLE: We Call It Real
JAN: 4560312319581


Tuure Tammi (tp)
Juha Sarkkola (g)
Hanna Lotti (fl)
Mikko Veijonen (baritone sax)
Ville-Pekka Järvinen (b)
Joona Venäläinen (ds)
Jukka Teerisaari (perc)

Rec data:


  1. Maximal Roaching
  2. Climbing Walls
  3. Soul Catcher
  4. Marketplace in Lagos
  5. Sakpata Bud
  6. Foxy G
  7. LA Four Dub
  8. Peace Brother
  9. Nomad skit
  10. Big Camel
  11. Dust Diver
  12. Horn Ok Please

Album preview


“We Call It Real” was recorded live and mixed at the Odd Funk studio in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The album is a triumph of raw organic funk with elements from afrobeat thrown in for good measure. On the album, the band aims at capturing the explosive nature of their celebrated live performances and to also highlight the highly evolved musical communication between the band members. The Blassics’ sound is akin to rough original funk seven inches but the band does not settle for recycling the genre’s cliches, instead going for a new sound of their own. The end result is an LP which echoes its makers‘ love for the past, present and the future of funk.
100% analog recording now on high quality digital format for your enjoyment.