Import LP – FYR 040 LP – Första – Ällmänhetens Åkning

スウェーデン/ヨーテボリ出身のアルト奏者、Niklas Bogren Perssonと、ストックホルム北西のクングセンゲン出身のベーシスト、Patric Thormanが、ライモンド・ストリード(ds)宅に6年間通いつめ、地下セッションを重ねながらサウンドを模索し続けてきたというプロジェクト、Ällmänhetens Åkningによる1st作品「Första」(英:1st)。

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LABEL: Found You Recordings, Sweden
Format: LP / FYR 040 LP
ARTIST: Ällmänhetens Åkning
TITLE: Första
EAN: 7320470242353


Niklas Bogren Persson (alto & sopranino saxophone)
Patric Thorman (double bass)
Raymond Strid (drums & percussion)

Rec data:

Produced by Niklas Bogren Persson
Recorded by Petter Hölaas and Åke Nimrell at Bergastudion, Åkersberga on December 14th, 2016
Mixed by Petter Hölaas Intelligent Sound, Kungsängen
Mastered by Jon Fält
Art direction and executive production by Patric Thorman


Side A

  1. En Vision Av En Hägring (4:46)
  2. Kalas I Tanken (5:34)
  3. Mellan Raderna (11:29)

Side B

  1. Kyss Mig Med Hård Mun (7:14)
  2. En Verklighet (Drömd (4:26)
  3. Szddväng (4:17)

All music improvised by Niklas Bogren Persson, Patric Thorman and Raymond Strid, except A1 composed by Niklas Bogren Persson (Stim/ncb).

Album preview


For six years, the trio Allmänhetens Åkning has regularly met up at drummer Raymond Strid’s house in Heby. Intensive meetings and many sweaty hours in Strid’s basement lay the foundation to what we now hear on the debut album ”Första” (en. First).
Over the years, different bases for improvisation, along with compositions by sax player Niklas Bogren Persson, have been explored. Bass player Patric Thorman has worked with both Raymond and Niklas in various constellations before, and he brought this trio together. Also musically, Thorman has a prominent role and binds Raymond and Niklas together as a musical force. The group’s artistic process is characterized by conversation, listening, and a music-making where openness and honesty, together with the will of finding something real, have made a distinct trio sound grow. A sound marked by free jazz, open ears and ”jävlar anamma”.