Import CD – FYR 005 – Goodbye Everytime – Open Trio

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Modern Swedish jazz made by musicians knowing the pop-scene of today as much as the jazztradition. This is jazz, but most of all music; lyrical, beautiful and swinging. Pianist Joakim Simonsson and his trio have worked together for over 6 years and finally their second album is here. Goodbye Everytime is, according to composer/bandleader/pianist Simonsson, an album inspired by different goodbyes in life; to people and places, and about how some goodbyes, ironically, seems to be repeated. OT’s music gets it’s special colour from Swedish folk music and hymns, both a strong influence on the group’s main composer Joakim Simonsson. He describes the outcome as some kind of “melancholy free jazz with a touch of folk music – always with a groove.” Free improvisation has with time also grown to be an important part of OT’s music. Often a song is no more than a simple melody, like a hymn, open to be explored and developed anew each time it’s played.



LABEL: Found You Recordings, Sweden
Format: CD Digi-pak / FYR 005
ARTIST: Open Trio
TITLE: Goodbye Everytime
EAN: 7320470085400


Joakim Simonsson (piano)
Pär-Ola Landin (double bass)
Daniel Olsson (drums)

Rec data:

Release date: April 1th, 2008
Produced by Open Trio
Executive producer: Joakim Simonsson
Engineered by Bo Savik
Mixed and mastered by Lars Nilsson
Art direction by Jon Edergren at Electric Boogie


  1. Untitled Hymn
  2. Last Crooked Mile
  3. Orange Country
  4. Enheten För Obeställbara Brev
  5. 27
  6. New Picture, Old Frame
  7. En Liten En
  8. Lillsjö
  9. Heartland
  10. Goodbye Everytime

All compositions by Joakim Simonsson,
except track 7 by Pär-Ola Landin.