Import LP – EWOC 012 – Canada – Sadik Hakim

バップ創成期の1940年代をNYで過ごし、後にカナダで活動を続けた米ピアニストSADIK HAKIM(1919-1983)が、加RADIO CANADA INTERNATIONALに残した知られざるハードバップ/モーダル佳作。これまで知られてこなかったのもそのはず、オリジナル盤は一部の関係者にジェネリックカバーで配布されたのみ。今回、復刻に向け交渉をおこなう中で、実は一度も印刷されることなくお蔵入りとなっていたオリジナル・カバー・アートワーク(表&裏)が存在することが判明。40年以上の時を経て、今ここに本来あるべき姿で日の目を見る、歴史の影に埋もれた良盤復刻プロジェクト第12弾。



LABEL: seriE.WOC, Italy
Format: LP / EWOC-LP012 (limited 250 copies)
Originally released as: Radio Canada International (1973, Canada)
JAN: 4560312319284


Sadik Hakim (Piano, electric piano)
Al-Khabyyr Sayyd Abdul (Saxophone Alto, Flute)
Billy Robinson (Saxophone tenor)
Peter Leitch (Guitar)
Vic Angelillo (Electric bass, Bass)
Keith McKendry (Drum)


Recording Engineers: Gilles Vaudeville
Producer of the program: Odette Brosseau
Producer of the recording: Edward Farrant

seriE.WOC thanks to:
Anita Barsetti at Radio Canada, Simona Bertin for artwork+pictures, Gerado Frisina for Archive Advice


A – London Suite
1. Heathrow in the Morning (3:10)
2. Oxford Circus at Noon (5:35)
3. Greek Street Break-in (9:25)
4. Harlow Homecoming (2:25)

B1. Liliane (8:00)
B2. Grey Cup Caper (5:10)
B3. Portrait of Cousin Mickey (7:20)
B4. Moon in Aquarius (5:20)

All compositions by Sadik Hakim


Pianist/composer Sadik Hakim was born in Duluth, Minnesota. As one of the young musicians at the centre of the ‘bop’ movement in New York in the mid-forties, he recorded and played with such greats as Charlie Parker, Lester Young, Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster, Miles Davis and Dexter Gordon. In the fifties he worked with Buddy Tate
and James Moody. He has accompanied singers Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Dinah Washington. A list of Sadik’s favorite pianists would include such names as Art Tatum, Teddy Wilson, Bud Powell, Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans – along with the very neglected but equally great Hank Jones. All combine a developed sense of melodic invention with a strong rhythmic drive, both of which are essential features of Hakim’s own personal style. Sadik has been living and working in Montreal for many years now, where – as he says in a characteristically gentle understatement – “things are a little slow for me”. This album was originally planned in late 1971 but for several reasons – including the leader’s working trip to Europe in 1972 – the sessions did not take place until 1973. By a strange coincidence Mark Gardner, writing in the December 1971 issue of Coda magazine said: “May an Englishman be cheeky enough to suggest that some Canadian record company give Sadik the opportunity to make an album with the musicians of his choice, of music that he wishes to play.” He may indeed…… and LONDON SUITE is it. – Ted Farrant