Import LP – AA5001 – Future revival – Giulio Corini – Libero Motu

Auand Analog Albumシリーズ第1弾。
ジューリオ・コリーニ(b)率いる2005年始動のパーマネント・トリオ「LIBERO MOTU」によるコンテンポラリー作品。「ジャズの伝統を踏まえた上で、新しいサウンドとスタイルを模索する」プロジェクトということで、M・デイヴィスの演奏で知られる「A1. It Never Entered My Mind」(R. Rodgers)に始まり、アイロニーに満ちたオリジナル楽曲を挟みながら、「B3. Skylark」(H. Carmichael)で締めくくる。

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FORMAT: LP – Limited 300 copies (hand-numbered) / AA5001
ARTIST: Giulio Corini – Libero Motu
TITLE: Future revival
EAN: 8031697500117


Giulio Corini (bass)
Francesco Bigoni (tenor sax, clarinet)
Nelide Bandello (drums)

Rec data:

Recorded at Sotto il Mare Recording Studios on January 28/29, 2014 by Luca Tacconi
Produced by Giulio Corini, Iuly y el conjiunto de El Gallo Rojo
Executive Producer: Marco Valente
Coprodotto da Auand & El Gallo Rojo
Available only on vinyl and digital




A journey in search of a music that embraces risks Giulio Corini’s latest album “Future Revival” opens up the new Auand vinyl series “Libero Motu’s music doesn’t stand still, doesn’t idealize, doesn’t care of separating old from new.
History is playfully referred to, with that serious levity of kids who now and do, but don’t tell” from Emanuele Maniscalco’s presentation).

A deep and surprising research, investigating sounds and styles, questioning with the curiosity of those who don’t have a fixed destination, just because their primary intention is to enjoy the trip. Double bass player Giulio Corini’s leaded Libero Motu trio featuring Francesco Bigoni on tenor sax and Nelide Bandello on drums) is like that.
The band’s leader, who has seen his music approach change dramatically over the last few years, says: “On one hand I’ve continued my research in improvisation; on the other hand, I’ve examined in depth my knowledge of jazz traditions. I wanted to catch this aspect while recording. Instead of focusing on either specific aesthetics or genres, I’d rather aimed at emphasizing our music, our sound, and a sense of adventure and risk”.
An intention that can be clearly heard through the softly mechanical gait of “Contemporary Critique of Strings”, and through the frenzied – and somehow ironic – “Frydian Alcoholic Concept”. The two standards included in the tracklist are a way to anchor in past, definitely not in stylistic terms, but in courage and in the purpose of opening new doors, before soundscapes yet to be built.
There is also an additional element that frames “Future Revival” (co-produced by Auand and El Gallo Rojo) in this convergence between a ast to draw from and a future to immerse in. Corini’s album opens up a new series in Auand catalog: Auand Analogic Albums, available on vinyl and digital format only. One more choice that fits the current times for the Italian label, one that never gave up before new.