Import – Banaba – Messina, Signorile

伊ナポリ出身のビートメーカー/プロデューサー、マルコ・メッシーナ(99 POSSE)が、伊ジャズ界のピアニスト、ミルコ・シニョリーレとともに送るエレクトロ/ヒップホップ/ピアノ/ジャズ・プロジェクト。



CD / AU6007 (EAN: 8031697600725)
LP / AU6008 (EAN: 8031697600817)
ARTIST: Messina, Signorile
TITLE: Banaba


Marco Messina (electronics)
Mirko Signorile (piano)
Black Cracker (rap on 1)
Ursula Rucker (vocals on 3)
Vertere String Quartet (all tracks except 3,8)
Erica Mou (vocals on 5)
Juliana Maruggi (vocals on 7)
Danilo Vigorito (additional production on 7)
Paolo Fresu (trumpet on 10)

Rec data:

Strings and piano recorded at Officina Musicale, Castellana Grotte (BA) – Italy on July 31 and August 1, 2013 by Giuseppe Saponari and Giuseppe Mariani
Piano on # 3,7 recorded by Nicola Farina between December 2015 and February 2016
#9 contains samples taken from Barbara De Dominicis’ voice
Mixed at Katanga Studio, Napoli by Marco Messina between February and April 2016
Love Share, Macubal and Seven Clan mixed at Katanga Studio, Napoli by Marco Messina and Danilo Vigorito
Mastered at Beauty Farm Sound, Napoli by Danilo Vigorito on April 2016
Produced by Marco Messina and Mirko Signorile


  1. Dust
  2. Spanish Shuffle
  3. Breathing
  4. Marcuse
  5. Iblis
  6. Seven Clan
  7. Love Share
  8. Banana
  9. Into the Woods
  10. Macubal
  11. Under the Bridge

Album preview


Italian pianist Mirko Signorile and 99 Posse’s Marco Messina weave the sound of their own keys together in “BANABA”, their new electro-jazz guest-filled album, out on May 6 on Auand Records.

Intersections are where every brilliant innovation is. Here is where music echoes, generating crossover. When an electric sound made up of buttons, levers, and knobs meets with a piano melody, free to jump above and below the synth lines, the frame is broken, and so are the definitions. The time has come to experiment a new electro-jazz dimension. MESSINA SIGNORILE explore new forms of life and soundforces.

As in an ancient and brotherly alliance, 99 POSSE’s Marco Messina and Italian pianist Mirko Signorile condense their rhythmic energy and sound poetry in “BANABA”, out on May 6, 2016 on Auand Records, supported by Puglia Sounds.

“BANABA” is an 11-track blend of sounds and voices made with the invaluable collaborations of important and internationally renowned artists, such as Ursula Rucker, Black Cracker, Erica Mou, Juliana
Maruggi, Paolo Fresu and Vertere String Quartet.

In December 2015, the very first track “Breathing” anticipated the album and featured Ursula Racker’s amazing voice. A second single was released in April 2016, “Dust”: a disturbing urban-like track
featuring rapper Black Cracker and Vertere String Quartet.