IMPORT CD – ZR2002003 – Northern Lights – Odelion Orchestra

1983年生、オランダ・リンブルフ州シッタルト出身のシンガー/ソングライター、マグリート・シュルツマ名義の、フォーク/クラシック/ジャズ・アンサンブル、Odelion Orchestra。



LABEL: Zennez, Netherlands
Format: CD
Cat#: ZR 2002003
ARTIST: Odelion Orchestra
TITLE: Northern Lights
EAN: 9789492961310


Odelion Orchestra
Margriet Sjoerdsma (vocals)
Jeroen van Vliet (piano)
Vera van der Bie (violin)
Isabella Petersen (viola)
Annie Tångberg (cello)
Louk Boudesteijn (trombone)
Pablo Martínez (bass trombone)
Romain Bly (horn)

Rec data:


After her acclaimed predecessor from 2019, singer/songwriter Margriet Sjoerdsma continues her journey as ODELION on “Northern Lights”. The intimate pop songs in a spherical mix of folk, classical and jazz are this time carried by musical heavyweights from the Dutch jazz scene in an adventurous line-up of vocals, piano, strings and brass instruments: ODELION ORCHESTRA.

As an avid Scandinavia enthusiast, Sjoerdsma created an ode to the elusive Northern Light with ‘Northern Lights’. If possible, she seeks the silence and grandeur of Scandinavian nature to write. The name ODELION is inspired by the Norwegian wooden house where she spent 3 months solo and where she wrote most of the songs for the 2019 album of the same name.
For “Northern Lights”, 6 of the original ODELION songs have been rearranged and 6 songs have been newly written by Sjoerdsma and fellow musicians.

Growing older Sjoerdsma experiences as something beautiful. Letting go is easier and searching doesn’t necessarily have to yield anything. Expectations and any disappointments weigh less. “Northern Lights” has therefore subtly become an album full of self-reflection, with learning to forgive as a common theme.


  1. The Poet
  2. Son Sit Down
  3. Getting Stuck On What Could Be
  4. Enslaved To The Grave
  5. I Wish I Would Dare To Say It Anyway
  6. Forgiveness
  7. Two Grown Ups
  8. Won’t Be Coming Home
  9. Blue Eyed Boy
  10. Lying Hearts That Lie Awake At Night
  11. Brambles & Thorns
  12. Einzelhymne

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