Import CD – ZR1704004 – Dr. Mysore – The Nordanians

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バングラデシュ出身、伝統を体現しながら他ジャンルへの積極的なアプローチにより現代タブラ界を牽引するプレイヤーの一人として注目を集めるNiti Ranjan Biswas、Anton Houdsmitを彷彿とさせるファンク系ギタリストMark Tuinstraによるタイトなリズムに、欧州フォークロア〜中東〜中央アジア風メロディまで幅広い守備範囲を誇るヴァイオリンのOene van Geelが彩りを飾る、多国籍サウンド・プロジェクト「The Nordanians」による2ndアルバム。
アルバム・タイトルは、インドの伝説のヴァイリニスト、Mysore Manjunathの名前にちなんだもの。
グラミー・ノミネイテッド・アーティスト、John Beasley(p)がゲスト参加。



LABEL: Zennez, Netherlands
Format: CD digi-pak / ZR1704004
ARTIST: The Nordanians
TITLE: Dr. Mysore
EAN: 9789082694802


Oene van Geel (violin)
Mark Tuinstra (guitar)
Niti Ranjan Biswas (tabra)
John Beasley (piano on 2,3)
Maarten Ornstein (bass clarinet on 3,6,7,11)
Oleg Fateev (bayan on 5,9)

Rec data:

Recorded at Electric Monkey Studio & Warning Studio in Amsterdam




When The Nordanians (Oene van Geel, Mark Tuinstra and Niti Ranjan Biswas) played together for the first time there where immediately fireworks, roaring u-turns and cinematic tearjerkers. Then they started writing songs together based on traditional ragas, smashing funk and delicate chamber music.
The first The Nordanians release in 2011, entitled Tabla Rasa, got some great reviews. According to Dutch newspaper Volkskrant: “A three-headed monster with the lightness of a ballerina”, and according to All About Jazz “The Nordanians made clear that serious music could also be fun”.
Now, The Nordanians deliver their long awaited second baby, Dr. Mysore. Named after Mysore Manjunath the legendary Indian violinist who performed his first concert at the age of 8. His violin concerts are performed all over the world, from the Royal Albert Hall in London to the Opera House in Sydney.
However, as expected on Dr. Mysore The Nordanians take their musical expeditions even out of this planet, accompanied by a couple of energetic guests, Grammy nominated pianist John Beasley being one of them.