Import CD – ZR1809009 – Lonely Country – S’yo Fang Octet

1986年生/台湾高雄市出身のピアニスト、S’yo Fang(方斯由)率いる、コンテンポラリー8tet。
アルバム・タイトル「Loney Country」は、台湾の詩人Chou Meng-tieh(周夢蝶)の作品にちなんだもの。



LABEL: Zennez, Netherlands
Format: CD / ZR1809009
ARTIST: S’yo Fang Octet
TITLE: Lonely Country
EAN: 9789492961037


S’yo Fang (piano/compositions)
Priscilla Nokoe (vocals)
Yoojin Ko (flute)
Emilio Parrila (clarinet)
Albert Kerekes (sax)
Dimitri Elegheert (guitar)
Alessio Bruno (double bass)
Richie Struck (drums)


Lonely Country is the remarkable debut of pianist/composer S’yo Fang. The album is a mix of music genres ranging from modern classical music to jazz, recorded by an octet that consists of an international group of young musicians that all studied in The Netherlands.

Lonely Country is named after the first poetry collection of Meng-tieh Chou. “He is my favorite Taiwanese poet who lived as a recluse yet with a heart pure as a child.”

S’yo Fang, born in 1986 in the Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung, started taking classical piano lessons at the age of 7. He picked up jazz study at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag, followed by jazz composition & piano at the Rotterdam Conservatory, both in The Netherlands. He was invited to present the S’yo Fang Octet at Taichung Jazz Festival, the biggest of its kind, in Taiwan. The ensemble also performed at the legendary Bimhuis in Amsterdam during the Keep An Eye On the Prize contest. Also, S’yo was selected for the 2017 Metropole Orkest Arrangers Workshop with conductor Vince Mendoza.


  1. One Whose Name Written in the Water
  2. Sonnet to Guan-Yun
  3. In Your Eyes Formosa
  4. Fields Have Eyes and Woods Have Ears
  5. Qataban
  6. Lonely Country

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S’yo Fang Octet:
台湾高雄市出身のピアニスト・作曲家・編曲家、S’yo Fang(方斯由)率いるコンテンポラリー・アンサンブル。

S’yo Fang(ピアニスト・作曲家・編曲家)。7歳よりクラシック・ピアノを学び、その後オランダへ渡りハーグ王立音楽院でジャズ・ピアノ、ロッテルダム音楽院で作曲とジャズ・ピアノ、さらにアムステルダム音楽院でジャズ編曲を学ぶ。
以降「S’yo Fang Octet」を率いて、ジャズ・プレイヤー/作曲家として、同世代の中でもひときわ光る存在として名を馳せる。
その音楽は、蘭サックス界のパイオニア=David Kweksilberや、Vince Mendoza、Metropole Orchestraによっても演奏され、2019年には国際ジャズ・アレンジャー/作曲家協会(ISJAC)よりソニック賞を受賞。

— Music of poetic dissonance that reveals the complex range of human emotions by translating them into a sound, resulting in both classic and modern.

デビュー・アルバム「Loney Country」は、台湾の詩人Chou Meng-tieh(周夢蝶)の作品にちなんで名付けられた。