Import CD – VOJCD 001 – No Hard Shoulder – Jasper van’t Hof 1/4tet

MPS作品で知られる自身のジャズ・ロック・プロジェクト<Pork Pie>をはじめ、アーチー・シェップ、ジョルジュ・グルンツ、ヨアヒム・キューン、セシル・マクビー、ビリー・ハート、ピエール・クルボワ、チャーリー・マリアーノ、スティーヴ・スワロウらとの共演盤を持つ蘭ヴェテラン・ピアニスト、ヤスパー・ファントフが、54年生まれのテナー奏者Dick de Graafと共に結成した最新1ホーン・クァルテット。



LABEL: Very Open Jazz Records, the Netherlands
ARTIST: Jasper van’t Hof 1/4tet
TITLE: No Hard Shoulder
JAN: 9789078377245


Dick de Graaf (ts)
Jasper Van’t Hof (p)
Stefan Lievestro (b)
Jamie Peet (ds)


  1. No Hard Shoulder
  2. Tomorrow Is Not From Yesterday
  3. Tacon de Aguja Rosa
  4. Once Upon a Black Grouse
  5. The Moment for What it Was
  6. Fugawe
  7. Sunday Morning Breakfast

Album preview


Jasper van ‘t Hof has been extremely active for nearly fifty years now and is still fresh and full of energy.
Now he started, alongside hip jazz drummer Jamie Peet, veteran tenor-sax player Dick de Graaf and double bass player Stefan Lievestro, his first all Dutch ¼-tet in years.. The music on their first album ‘No hard shoulder’ is all acoustic and the pieces were specially composed for this project by Jasper van ‘t Hof.
While listening you can hear the typical Van ‘t Hof-touch. Acoustic jazz with many exiting twists and a very personal, emotional signature. Lyrical lines evolve into exuberant piano solos wherein the very rich musical background of Jasper van ‘t Hof can be heard. It is this mixture that makes ‘No Hard Shoulder’ not only appeal to the Van ‘t Hof fans but to anyone who can appreciate Very Open Jazz Record.