Import CD – INCM048 – Optics – Alice Ricciardi


デビュー作「COMES LOVE」(2008, BLUE NOTE / EMI)で大きく脚光を浴び、以降ニコラ・コンテ作品やSCHEMA諸作に参加してきたアリーチェ・リッチャルディが、グレッグ・オズビー主宰の米INNER CIRCLE MUSICから放つ待望の2nd作品。


LABEL: Inner Circle Music, US
Format: CD Digi-pak / INCM 048
EAN: 0889211148912


Alice Ricciardi (vocals)
Pietro Lussu (piano, electric piano)
Enrico Bracco (guitar)
Dario Deidda (double bass, bass)
Marco Valeri (drums)


  1. Deep Song (G. Cory / D. Cross)
  2. Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town (poem by e.e. cummings, music by A. Ricciardi / P. Lussu)
  3. Optics (S. Premazzi / A. Ricciardi)
  4. I Feel A Song Coming On (D. Fields / G. Oppenheimer / J. McHugh)
  5. Intro #1
  6. Sorrow (poem by Edna St.Vincent Millay, music by A. Ricciardi / P. Lussu)
  7. Flying In A Box (E. Bracco)
  8. Intro #2
  9. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing (B. Strayhorn)
  10. Intro #3
  11. Worry Later (M. Guryan / T. Monk)
  12. I’ve Heard An Organ Talk Sometimes (poem by E. Dickinson, music by A. Copland)

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2008年、伊EMIブルーノートからリリースされたデビュー作『Comes Love』で脚光を浴び、ニコラ・コンテ作品やSCHEMA諸作にも参加してきたシンガー、アリーチェ・リッチャルディ。グレッグ・オズビー主宰INNER CIRCLE MUSICから放つ待望の2nd作品。デビュー当時から変わらぬメロウな”マジカル・ヴォイス”と透明感溢れる洗練されたサウンドで聴かせる注目作品。ジャズ・ヴォーカル新世紀のコレクションに加えたい一枚です。(HMV Online News – May 12, 2015)


Jazz singer and composer Alice Ricciardi, just released her second album, and her first, on Greg Osby’s Label Inner Circle Music.
Debut album “Comes Love” was released on Blue Note/EMI, acclaimed by critics and public worldwide.

OPTICS perfectly showcases Alice’s versatility and understated elegance of her sound. It provides ample proof that she is one of the jazz world’s most diverse and distinctly unique singer. While approaching the classic compositions and original material she doesn’t fall into the typical jazz clichés: baroque vocal gestures, and over-sentimentality. Instead, she choses to treat these songs simply, letting the songs speak with minimal, contemporary arrangements.
Joining Alice Ricciardi on this intimate and richly melodic collection are some of the most outstanding and charismatic italian musicians; the impressive pianist and composer Pietro Lussu, guitarist and composer Enrico Bracco, worldwide renewed bassist Dario Deidda and drummer Marco Valeri.
The album begins with the passionate and obscure standard Deep Song. This opening perfectly defines the mood of the album, introspective and classically modern. Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town is introduced with a reading by great American poet E.E. Cummings. improvisation songs. A hypnotic guitar arpeggio introduces Optics, a light and dreamy 3/4, concrete, yet vulnerable and mysterious piece. Sorrow features Edna St.Vincent Millay’s poem; A Lovesome Thing, Billy Strayhorn’s masterpiece, has a bucolic and placidly musky mood. Aaron Copland with lyrics by Emily Dickinson, transformed into a simple and warm folk ballad, With this latest release, Alice Ricciardi sketches portraits that come to life through the unique voice of a truly inspired artist. Her fascinating sound, tells a complete story that takes the listener on an unmistakable and unforgettable musical journey.