Import CD – FYR 039 – Winter Then Spring – Raymond Strid & Sten Sandell

ストックホルム出身の二人、1956年生のライモンド・ストリード(ds, perc)と、1958年生のステン・サンデール(p)による即興デュオ作品。

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LABEL: Found You Recordings, Sweden
Format: CD / FYR 039
ARTIST: Raymond Strid & Sten Sandell
TITLE: Winter Then Spring
EAN: 7320470232873


Raymond Strid (drums, cymbals & percussion)
Sten Sandell (piano & voice)

Rec data:

Produced by Raymond Strid & Sten Sandell
Recorded by Petter Hölaas and Åke Nimrell at Bergastudion, Åkersberga on December 14th, 2016
Mixed and Mastered by Petter Hölaas and Jon Fält at Intelligent Sound, Kungsängen
Art direction by Patric Thorman


  1. Wie Der Mond Rot Aufgeht! (6:22)
  2. In Dieser Kälte (2:45)
  3. Jag Sitter Och Lyssnar I Mörkret Och Har Varken Mod Att Hoppas Eller Bli Förtvivlad (11:59)
  4. Winter Then Spring (8:14)
  5. Fred Och Eld!!!!! (10:21)

All music improvised by Raymond Strid and Sten Sandell (Stim/ncb).

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This is a serious, old-fashioned forty-minute conversation between two elderly gentlemen, before lunch and without spirits. This may seem dry, but the details expose nuances in small print in well-poised words and between them. The content depends on the form, i.e. the subject dealt with. Sandell and Strid made their first (still unreleased) duo recording in 1983. In 1988 they formed the Swedish trio Gush together with Mats Gustafsson.