Import CD – FITZ 502 – A Short Story – Fulvio Buccafusco [Sold Out]


’73年生/伊シチリア・パレルモでキャリアを開始、’99年にコペンハーゲンに移り住みニールス=ヘニング・エルステッド・ペデルセンに師事。’05年までオランダの音楽院で学んだ後、’10年に英国の王立音楽アカデミーで修士号を取得したフルヴィオ・ブッカフスコ(b)による自己名義第2作目。(1作目は2006年に名門Splasc(h)に残された『Zagara e Sale』)
編成は、ベテラン・テナー奏者スタン・サルツマン(ts)に、正統派/超実力派・女性ピアニスト=ニッキ・アイルズ(p)と、王立音楽アカデミーつながりの英国勢に、’58年生まれ/パオロ・フレーズ5tetのドラマーとして知られるエットーレ・フィオラヴァンティ&ブッカフスコのイタリア勢が拮抗する英・伊混合4tet。これはもう、しっとりとした夜の帳にハリのあるスパイスを利かせた、大人のためのコンテンポラリー・ハードバップとしか言いようがない。それもステーファノ・アメーリオによる録音/ミックス/マスタリングと聞けば合点がいく。パレルモのマイナー・レーベルFitzcarraldo Recordsより。2013年12月にこんな作品がリリースされていたにもかかわらず、発見とご紹介が遅くなり申し訳ありません。


LABEL: Fitzcarraldo Records (Palermo, Italy)
Format: CD w/Paper eco envelope / FITZ502
ARTIST: Fulvio Buccafusco
TITLE: A Short Story
EAN: 888174413778


Stan Sulzmann (tenor sax)
Nikki Iles (piano)
Fulvio Buccafusco (double bass)
Ettore Fioravanti (drums)


Recorded at Artesuono Studio, Cavalicco (Udine)
Sound Engineer: Stefano Amerio

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‘A SHORT STORY’ was born during a period of three years I spent in the multicultural city of London, looking at different cultures, places, sounds and people as if it were a deep and huge emotional archive. I have always liked sharing my music with artists who want to talk about themselves through what they play, engendering an interesting creative harmony with the other members of the band. That’s how was born the idea of involving Stan and Nikki, two musicians I have learned so much from. Their versatility and sensibility have permitted to create in the band the birth of a feeling that has easily started a new and interesting musical dialogue. In this successful fusion of different sensibilities a suitable creative space has been found by Ettore, the drummer, whose energetic and elegant drumming has wonderfully completed the band, contributing to generate a very personal overall sound. I decided to record everything in only one session, without any rehearsals, leaving total freedom to the musicians, because I love spontaneity and the risk that there might be mistakes or imperfections has never worried me. I believe that it is more important to live the emotion in the very moment in which we play together and I think that this is the easiest way to reach the heart of the listeners. (F.B.)