Import CD – AU9058 – Eureka – Stefano Coppari




ARTIST: Stefano Coppari
TITLE: Eureka
EAN: 8031697905820


Stefano Coppari (guitar)
Claudio Filippini (piano)
Gianludovico Carmenati (double bass)
Ananda Gari (drums)
Emanuele Evangelista (fender rhodes)
Giacomo Uncini (trumpet)


Produced by Stefano Coppari
Executive Producer: Marco Valente
Recording: Artesuono, Cavalicco (UD) – Italy
Engineer: Stefano Amerio
Cover Photo: Giovanni Albore


His quartet features Claudio Filippini on piano, Ananda Gari on drums and Ludovico Carmenati on double bass.

Elegant and light, layered and palatable, Italian guitar player Stefano Coppari’s new work is a heap of catchy melodies and technical skills. “Eureka” is the result of a genuine challenge with genres, no boundaries allowed. Far from being a surrender, the linearity of all themes is one of Coppari’s stylistic choices: he has always considered it as a basic element, even in more conceptual contexts.

Done in one go after a trip to Croatia and Bosnia, the sound material in this album is entirely penned by Coppari, who wrote and arranged all tracks. They reveal distant yet familiar soundscapes (Arabian, Banja Luka), as well as one of the key elements of the whole work: the dialogue between guitar and piano. «When composing the tracks — Coppari says — I have listened to a Claudio Filippini album and it was love at first sight. I was very impressed by his way of playing the chords, by his rhythmic sensibility, as well as by his melodic research and his compositions. From a musical and human point of view, his presence has been very important for the sound of the group as a whole, both when recording and when performing live».

Close to their two instruments is a solid and creative rhythm section: Ananda Gari’s personality on drums is like a seal of warranty, and Ludovico Carmenati’s talent on bass lies especially in his sound and his interplay style. The ensemble welcomes guests in more than one track: Emanuele Evangelista’s Fender Rhodes peeks out; elsewhere Giacomo Uncini’s mellow light trumpet stands out (Berlino).

In its artistic path, welcoming turns and looking straight ahead, Eureka is also «a cry of joy and satisfaction — Coppari adds — for the solution of a problem. In my case, the solution is the final version of this album. Eureka is the result of my daily research both in music and in my instrument, enhanced by the collaboration with extraordinary musicians».


  1. Banja Luka (S. Coppari)
  2. Wandern (S. Coppari)
  3. Arabian (S. Coppari)
  4. Berlino (S. Coppari)
  5. Ballade (S. Coppari)
  6. Eureka (S. Coppari)
  7. A Quiet Place (S. Coppari)
  8. Liberation (S. Coppari)
  9. Scappiamo insieme (S. Coppari)
  10. Heaven (Martin L. Gore)

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