Import CD – DSCMBBLTRX 1 – vs. Princess Discombobulatrix – Reinier Baas

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LABEL: Private Release, Netherlands
Format: CD Digi-pak / DSCMBBLTRX 1
ARTIST: Reinier Baas
TITLE: vs. Princess Discombobulatrix
EAN: 7101428764338


Natanael Ramos (tp)
Ben van Gelder (as, fl on #5)
Joris Roelofs (bass cl)
David Kweksilber (Bb cl, bass cl)
Reinier Baas (g, p on #1,11)
Clemens van der Feen (b)
Martijn Vink (ds, timpani on #12)
Nora Fischer (soprano on #12)
Geneviève Verhage (cello on #1,13,14)
Amber Docters van Leeuwen (cello on #1,14)
Peter Baas (b on #1,14)
Arthur Klaassens (oboe on #12,14)
Tamara Smits (bassoon on #12,13,14)
Alban Wesly (bassoon #12,13)
Romani Bly (french horn on #13,14)

Rec data:

Written and produced by Reinier Baas
Artwork and design by Typex
Libretto (#12) by Nora Fischer & Reinier Baas
Recorded by Micha de Kanter at Power Sound Studio, Amsterdam, on January 6,7 & May 12, 2016 Additional recording by Micha de Kanter at Q-Factory, Amstersam, on May 9, 2016
#3 recorded by Joeri Saal at Studio 150, Amsterdam on July 11, 2016


1. The Village Awakens
2. The Dance of Princess Discombobulatrix / The Wizard’s Awakening
3. Seduction Of The Duke Of Waalwijk
4. The General Serenades
5. A Stroll In The Enchanted Forest
6. Duke Vs General / Wizard Vs Princess
7. Discombobula Disappears

8. Introduction To Rise And Fall
9. The Rise And Fall Of The Duke Of Waalwijk
10. Introduction To Waltz
11. Waltz Of The Enormous Wizard Zendor
12. Discombobula Re-appears
13. The Horrible Revenge Of Princess Discombobulatrix

14. Lament / The Dramatic Demise Of Princess Discombobulatrix