Import CD – BD1708 – Almost Romantic – Cristiano Arcelli

Wide Sound、Radar、auand、Encore Jazzにリーダー作を持ち、レーベルを越えさまざまなプロジェクトに参加するクリスティアーノ・アルチェッリ(as)による、2016年自己名義作品。
オリジナル8曲に、D・エリントン作のSOLITUDEを加えた全9曲。CASA DEL JAZZスタジオ(伊ローマ)にて録音。



LABEL: Encore Jazz, Italy
FORMAT: CD / BD 1708
ARTIST: Cristiano Arcelli
TITLE: Almost Romantic
EAN: 0701197168817


Cristiano Arcelli (as)
Stefano Senni (b)
Bernardo Guerra (ds)
Simone Graziano (pf)
Massimiliano Canneto (vl)

Rec data:

Recorded & mixed at Casa del Jazz Studios, Rome, in June 2016
Produced by Roberto Lioli and Vittorio Bartoli


  1. Almost Romantic
  2. Dutch Kimono
  3. Atomics
  4. One Canvas One Mirror
  5. On the Roof
  6. Some Questions Some Stars
  7. Through the Green Window
  8. Iper Berni
  9. Solitude (D. Ellington)


There is a man on the roof, he’s carrying an open umbrella even though it’s not raining anymore, just in case.
He’s looking at the sky trying to remember the girl wearing a kimono at that exhibition in the Netherlands, a green window, an explosion and the atomic snow.
He’s so caught up in his memories that he doesn’t notice the rainbow.
He looks at horizon lost in his own questions.
He doesn’t see the sky as it is but simply as a mirror.
What is he doing?
Why did he climb up there?
This album is a cool, white room.
I added some music to convince that man to come down from the roof. And you, you can add anything you’d like.
The room is waiting for you, there is one for each one of us.
– Cristiano Arcelli