Import CD – AU9079 – BS10 Live in Pisa – Beppe Scardino



ARTIST: Beppe Scardino
TITLE: BS10 Live in Pisa
EAN: 8031697907923


Beppe Scardino baritone sax, bass clarinet
Dan Kinzelman tenor sax, bass clarinet
Piero Bittolo Bon alto sax, bass clarinet
Mirko Cisilino trumpet
Mirco Rubegni trumpet
Glauco Benedetti tuba
Gabrio Baldacci guitar
Simone Graziano fender rhodes, synth
Gabriele Evangelista double bass
Daniele Paoletti drums, electronics


Produced by Beppe Scardino for Pisa Jazz
Executive Producer: Marco Valente
Recorded at Teatro Sant’Andrea, Pisa – Italy
Engineer: Aldo de Sanctis
Cover Photo: Piero Bittolo Bon


  1. Agosto 14
  2. One For KD
  3. 1001
  4. Verticamera
  5. Tre
  6. Patchouli
  7. Giant Steps GS II


Expansion and unusual combinations in a nutshell
Beppe Scardino’s BS10 out in November on Auand Records
In his new album Italian sax player and composer leads a 10 piece ensemble

Italian sax player and composer Beppe Scardino aims at recapping his career in his new album “BS10 – Live in Pisa” – in doing so, he mobilizes many colleagues to expand the soundscape as much as possible. Out in November on Auand Records, this challenging live recording is a summary of his artistic path, Scardino says: «I was looking for a summary of what I experienced over the years, ranging from rock to jazz. At the same time, I aimed at creating a contrast between acoustic and electric/electronic. The opportunity to have six brass instruments was exciting. I was ready to write extensively, while finding enough room for each musician: putting the collective improvisation first, and having solos for everyone.»

A generous dose of writing couldn’t be enough: a key element of the album is the inspiration and technique of such colleagues as Dan Kinzelman (tenor sax, bass clarinet), Piero Bittolo Bon (alto sax, bass clarinet), Mirko Cisilino (trumpet), Mirco Rubegni (trumpet), Glauco Benedetti (tuba), Gabrio Baldacci (guitar), Simone Graziano (Fender Rhodes, synth), Gabriele Evangelista (double bass) e Daniele Paoletti (drums, electric drums, effects), besides baritone sax and bass clarinet played by Beppe Scardino himself, who composed the entire track list. All the ensemble needed was a good chance which came with Francesco Mariotti (Pisa Jazz Festival) – he believed in the project and supported it, having their show in Pisa recorded live in 2017.

The result is an extremely varied music: orchestra-like parts and wall of sounds, swing moments and tributes to both music and sports masters. And even when the sound becomes dense and thick, it’s still far from free. «I wrote some compositions for this band, and added some previously unreleased material from the last couple years. Even if it might sound otherwise, every track has a guideline, a core idea to improvise around: it could be chord changes, riffs or even one note – it’s the case of the D flat, the lowest note for a baritone sax, that lies underneath “Tre”.»

The opening track “Agosto14” highlights the chromatic range of the 10 piece ensemble, followed by the easygoing “One For KD” and what could be considered the darkest track in the album, “Tre”. «There are unusual instrument combinations that I’ve been longing to experiment for years: generally speaking, an electroacoustic/electronic rhythm section as opposed to a large brass section. And also two trumpets plus tuba, or the three bass clarinets, or even electronic drums and brass. I pretended I was writing for sci-fi movies (who didn’t?) and I think this can be heard. But I’m also quite proud of how another track turned out: it’s dedicated to the NBA player Kevin Durant. I imagined him dribbling among his opponents, and thought about the rhythm created by the basketball bouncing on the floor. It’s fast and quite tricky, possibly the most difficult track to play – we had a tough nut to crack!» In the end, he adds, «like it or not, I’m happy this music represents me.»

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