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ARTIST: Hobby Horse
EAN: 8031697906926


Dan Kinzelman (tenor saxophone, clarinets, electronics, voice)
Joe Rehmer (bass, electronics, voice)
Stefano Tamborrino (drums, electronics, voice)


Produced by Hobby Horse
Executive Producer: Marco Valente
Recorded at Marchisielli, Foligno (PG) – Italy on April 24-28, 2017
Engineer: Dan Kinzelman
Cover Photo: James Anthony Obed


Dan Kinzelman was born and raised in the USA but has been living in Europe since 2004, first moving to Germany and then on to Italy in 2005, where he immediately found work as a soloist, arranger and musical director for artists like Enrico Rava, Giovanni Guidi and Mauro Ottolini.
In recent years he has dedicated his time to long-term collaborative projects with other young musicians, contributing to the rebirth of an experimental/creative jazz scene in Italy with groups like Simone Graziano ‘Frontal’, the Francesco Ponticelli Quartet, Dan Kinzelman’s Ghost and Hobby Horse. In 2016 he was hired as a professor for Siena Jazz University, Italy’s oldest and most prestigious jazz school, and began to work as a composer and performer in the field of contemporary dance with young Italian star choreographer Daniele Ninarello. He is currently working on several records slated for release in 2018 and preparing several international promotional tours for ‘Helm’.

Joe Rehmer was born in 1984 in Woodstock, a suburb of Chicago. He began playing guitar at 12 and joined the school jazz band, moving first to electric bass and then to double bass. In 2002 he begain studies at the University of Miami where he graduated from the jazz program in 2006.
He is active as a performer both in Europe and in the USA with groups like Hobby Horse (Italy), Ghost Horse (Italy), Drive! (Italy), Giovanni Guidi’s Inferno (Italy), El Portal (Miami), Tensil Test (Berlino), Espada (Italy), Il Bidone di Gianluca Petrella (Italy), Enrico Zanisi Trio (Italy) and Airship Rocketship (Miami).
Joe Rehmer has performed and recorded with artists like Jim Black, Uri Cane, Michael Blake, Enrico Rava, Gianluca Petrella, Joe Lovano, Maria Schneider, Dave Liebman, Avishai Cohen, Stefano Battaglia, Troy Roberts, Paul Bender, Tivon Penicott….

Stefano Tamborrino began playing drums in 2000 at the age of 19. He is entirely self-taught, which has allowed him to develop an extremely personal and unique approach to the instrument, based on instinct and developed through a variety of performing experiences.
He has shared stage and studio with musicians such as Stefano Bollani, Hindi Zahra, Ares Tavolazzi, Chris Speed, Louis Cole, Gianluca Petrella, Area and many more including collaborative trio Hobby Horse which is preparing to release their sixth album, adding to a list of approximately 40 productions featuring his drumming over the course of his career.
In 2017 he became part of the trio of American saxophonist David Binney, touring extensively in China, Japan and the USA. He also began composing music intensively, founding four separate projects as a leader in the same year.


Collective trio Hobby Horse is among the most prominent groups in Italy’s flowering creative/experimental jazz scene. Their newest record ‘Helm’ is slated for release on January 26, 2018 with Italian independent jazz label Auand on CD, and with underground label ROUS Records on vinyl. On ‘Helm,’ Hobby Horse has managed to concentrate their vast sonic palette with startling clarity, bringing 8 years of performing and recording experience to razor sharp focus in a further maturation of their uniquely irreverent approach to cross-pollinating musical worlds. From the decisive attack of the first bass note on the title track to the menacing final drone that closes the record, there is no wasted space or time to take a breath. The mostly collaborative original compositions are superficially simple, but the trio develops them into minutely detailed, layered arabesques, contrasted with occasional but functional outbursts of characteristic violence.
Continuing to expand Hobby Horse’s unique approach to vocals, ‘The Go Round’ includes a text contributed by Italian experimental radio composer Alessandro Bosetti while side two contains the trio’s take on ‘Born Again Cretin’ by Robert Wyatt and finishes with a sobering version of English performance poet John Cooper Clarke’s ‘Evidently Chickentown’.


  1. Helm
  2. Salsa Caliente
  3. The Go Round
  4. Cascade
  5. Buckle
  6. Born Again Cretin
  7. Amundsen Evidently