Import CD – AU3010 – Waiting for You – Mirko Signorile


「Love Theme from Spartacus」収録。



LABEL: AUAND Piano Series, Italy
Format: CD / AU3010
ARTIST: Mirko Signorile
TITLE: Waiting for You
EAN: 8031697301028


Mirko Signorile (piano)
Marco Bardoscia (double bass)
Fabio Accardi (drums)

Rec data:

Produced by Marco Valente
Recording: Officina Musicale, Castellana Grotte (BA) – Italy, on September 28, 2014
Engineer: Giuseppe Saponari and Giuseppe Mariani


  1. I’m Getting Sentimental over You (N. Washington, G. Bassman)
  2. Never Will I Marry (F. Loesser)
  3. Waiting for You (M. Signorile)
  4. Moon River (J. Mercer, Henry Mancini)
  5. In the Secret (M. Signorile)
  6. Wind of Sand (M. Signorile)
  7. Love Theme from Spartacus (A. North)
  8. You and the Night and the Music (A. Schwartz, H. Dietz)
  9. Voce Abusou (Antonio Carlos e Jocafi)

Album preview


Picking something from your own past, your personal story, and weighing it up with your identity of today might seem an academic exercise. But it can become an intriguing way to enjoy a familiar repertoire: a bridge towards a more immediate, instinctive music approach. Italian jazz pianist Mirko Signorile’s listeners got used to his elegant, somehow minimalist, expressiveness, to his recognizable pianism, as well as to dance­like tunes, either winding or frenzied. His new trio work “Waiting For You,” released under Auand Records, is a mirror that reflects Signorile’s current image, with classic jazz in the background, ranging from “Moon River” to “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You”. Themes every jazz musician has faced eventually to build their own style. He wants to tell new stories on some of them now.
«After years of works based on original compositions – Mirko Signorile says – I just wanted to dive in the pure pleasure of playing. Standards are this to me: a land I can feel at ease when wandering in». This feeling of enjoyable loosening starts appearing in the first track, a lively rendition of “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You”, immediately unraveling the will to have a musical conversation with Marco Bardoscia (double bass) and Fabio Accardi (drums) while walking in the past.
A brilliant, passionate, and swing­driven approach leads the trio’s interpretations as well as all of the original compositions (the persistent “In The Secret”, the mellow “Waiting For You” and the amber­shaded “Wind Of Sand”), inspired from the golden years of jazz. The essential arrangements guarantee a more effective result, allowing the band members all the freedom they need to follow their own music paths without restrictions. Starting from the laid­back title track “Waiting For You” – a tribute to the happiest meaning of an expectation, making it a dreamy moment of hope – which also holds the melodic strength of the album. This is where the musicians’ ability to tell their stories arises. They are both key element in Signorile’s intentions: «Marco Bardoscia e Fabio Accardi are two musicians I love – the Italian pianist adds – for their open­minded approach while playing their instrument. I think they both have heart, emotion and cleverness. I knew I could achieve something fresh and surprising by having them in a mainstream project».