ALBCD 015 – Homecoming – Emanuele Cisi Quartet



Emanuele Cisi, without any doubt is one of the “saxophone giants” in the international Jazz scene through his continuous, intense activity in the past 2 decades, here shows again his rich and poetic “Contemporary Saxophonism”, with his best old friends Luigi Bonafede on piano, Rosario Bonaccorso on bass, Francesco Sotgiu on drums.

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Format: CD / ALBCD-015
ARTIST: Emanuele Cisi Quartet
TITLE: Homecoming
JAN: 4560312310151


Emanuele Cisi (ts, ss)
Luigi Bonafede (p)
Rosario Bonaccorso (b)
Francesco Sotgiu (ds)

Rec data:

Recorded at Claudio Chiara’s Studio, Moncalieri (TO) Italy, on June 3-4, 2010
Recording Engineer : Claudio Chiara
Mixing Engineer : Marco Del Bello, Massimiliano Capellini
Mastering Engineer : Hiroshi Shiota, Tokyo Recording
Artist photos [C] 2010 Maren Ollmann
[C] [P] 2011 albóre jazz


  1. Like Luigi (E. Cisi)
  2. Homecoming (E. Cisi)
  3. Scisi Ta’ (F. Sotgiu)
  4. Rosa (R. Bonaccorso)
  5. Temporary (L. Bonafede)
  6. Sweet Prayer (L. Bonafede)
  7. Song For Bengt (E. Cisi)
  8. Warnin’ Up (E. Cisi)

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“Emanuele Cisi has it all. Sound, Time and a great imagination. He has his own voice that inspires me” – Jerry Bergonzi


“When I first heard him, his big Usound almost knocked me over. I couldn’t believe it. But then the things he was playing fully touched the deepest grotto of my heart. He gives his ideas life and breath – taking chances – and not playing it safe. Emanuele exists and plays with one foot in the present and the other in the future.” – Benny Golson


“Emanuele Cisi plays with drive and sensitivity and is a lyrical musician with a strong personality. As a saxophonist and composer he is one of the most personal voices on the European jazz scene today.” – Joe Lovano


“Emanuele Cisi has one of the most beautiful and lyrical saxophone sounds in the world.” – Tim Price


“Concept, communication, sensitivity, character, lyricism, tone, swing, colors, textures . . . Emanuele has these. Is it the light? The food? Or the seas surrounding three sides? . . . Italy is a fertile ground for the creative impulse. He honors the tradition.” – Charles Lloyd


cdjチーズィはイタリアの実力派サックス奏者。80年代初めからトリノを拠点にミラノで活躍。以降はフランスやオランダなど欧州各地で活動しながら意欲的な作品を発表してきた。彼の音色は非常に肉太で重厚、豊かな表現力が特徴。なかでもタイトル曲が醸し出す雰囲気はとてもユニーク… しかしたまらなく美しい。