Import Vinyl – WW-009 – In Between Shifts (EP) – LYMA

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LABEL: Wicked Wax, NL
Format: Vinyl / WW-009
TITLE: In Between Shifts (EP)


all tracks Written & Produced by LYMA

Additional production:
Lucas van Ee & Job André de la Porte
Mixing: Job André de la Porte

released October 4, 2019


  1. It’s Ti
  2. Hibernate
  3. Bigger
  4. Fading
  5. Bagdadway
  6. Rock With U (Vinyl Bonus)


INI Movement 2019 , INI028

During years of hermitry, singer / producer LYMA recorded his twisted ideas into audio files.
While living a sequestered life outside of society he developed a taste for rhythms and melodies that resonate by its originality and broad sound palette. When night fell, he came out to play. Being a frequent player in the Amsterdam nightlife it was only a matter of time before the connection to INI Movement was made.

With great difficulty they convinced him to tread forward from anonymity. Tracks were further developed and produced in the Birdhouse (INI’s studio complex). Now he is finally ready to confront the world with his art.

LYMA lives in Amsterdam. His hobbies include porn from the 70’s, homeshopping channels and making music.

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