Import LP – ZR1904004 – Blue – The Preacher Men (Efraïm Trujillo)


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LABEL: Zennez, Netherlands
Format: LP (Colored vinyl) / ZR1904004
ARTIST: The Preacher Men
EAN: 9789492961112


Efraim Trujillo (saxophones)
Rob Mostert (Hammond organ)
Chris Strik (drums)

Michael Varekamp (trumpet)
Rory Ronde (guitar)
Eline Gemerts (vocals)


A deep-growling Hammond organ, a ripping saxophone and back beats that you simply cannot sit still to. The Preacher Men take you back to the time of smoky jazz clubs in Chicago and New York.

After the release in 2016 of their widely acclaimed debut album Preaching Out Loud (“The Preacher Men are a new super trio!”, according to Jazzism), and intense gigging, The Preacher Men returned to the studio to record their 2nd album, entitled Blue. And yes, it refers to the music genre as well as to the mood.

Captured in 9 ‘groovy-blue’ songs, 7 of them are brand new compositions by saxophonist Efraim Trujillo. The legendary engineer / producer Al Schmitt collaborated with the Dutch trio on some of the recordings.


Side A:

  1. Go!
  2. Into The Blue
  3. Chili Dog
  4. Follow Our Lead

Side B:

  1. Lost And Nowhere To Be Found
  2. Organic Moves
  3. Overtime
  4. The Sweet Memories Of My Childhood

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