Import LP – SAS 006 – Unaccustomed Soil – Sol Sol

Signal and Sound Recordsによる6thリリース。

ストックホルム出身の実力派ギタリストDavid Stackenäs(’74年生)と、2013年ラーシュ・グリン賞に輝いた女流サックス・プレイヤーElin Larsson Forkelid(’84年生)をフロントに立てたピアノレス4tet。



LABEL: Signal and Sound Records, Sweden
Format: LP (LTD 300) / SAS 006
ARTIST: ​Sol Sol
TITLE: Unaccustomed Soil
EAN: 7320470236383


Elin Larsson Forkelid (sax)
David Stackenäs (guitar)
Mauritz Agnas (bass)
Anna Lund (drums)


Limited to 300 copies, vinyl only
Lacquer cut by Timmion Cutting
Pressed at Optimal Media


Side A

  1. Unaccustomed Soil
  2. Our Mobile Home
  3. Aura

Side B

  1. Here Comes
  2. Gotta Get Out
  3. Valparaiso


SolSol are David Stackenäs – electric guitar, Elin Larsson Forkelid – saxophones, Anna Lund – drums and Mauritz Agnas – double bass. The name of the group comes from a title of one of our favourite Swedish visual artists – Öyvind Fahlström. The band was formed in 2017 from an initiative of Elin Larsson and will record its first album (vinyl of course!) in June 2018. It will later be released in January 2019 on Swedish label Signal and Noise.

David Stackenäs (b.1974) is one of Sweden’s most innovative guitar players. His unique style has brought him on tours to Europe and Japan as well as to South America and the Middle East. David is part of several groups, such as Lina Nyberg Band, Per Zanussi Ensemble, CIRCADIA and The New Songs. He has been heard with lots of renonowned musicians, for example Evan Parker, Axel Dörner, Sofia Jernberg, Sten Sandell, Ken Vandermark, Christine Abdelnour and Paal Nilssen-Love.

Elin Larsson Forkelid (b.1984) has since her breakthrough in 2010 been considered one of the most interesting saxophone players on the Swedish Jazz scene. With her own Elin Larsson Group she shed great success and won several awards, such as the very prestigeous Lars Gullin-priset. Elin can be heard with several bands: Anna Högberg Attack, PACE, Oya Sextet to name a few. She has also played with Mats Gustafsson, Lina Nyberg, Susana Santos Silva, Jan Allan, Anne Paceo, Rigmor Gustafsson, Georg Riedel, Lena Willemark and many others.

Mauritz Agnas (b. 1995) has at a young age established himself as one of Sweden’s new jazz stars. His innovative and virtuose bass playing has already taken him on tours in Egypt, China, Russia and more. He is a part of the groups Agnas Bros, Nadah el Shazly Band to name a few. He has also been heard with Fredrik Ljungkvist, Antje Rößeler, Nils Berg, Sebastian Voegler, Lina Nyberg and, not to mention- Pat Metheny.

Anna Lund (b. 1990) has in a short period of time distinguished herself as one one of the most interesting drummers on the Swedish jazz/impro scene. Her dynamic and energetic playing awarded her with Swedish Jazz Radio’s prestigeous prize ”Newcomer of the year” in 2016. Anna is a member of many different bands, such as Malin Wättring 4, Anna Högberg Attack and her very own Hurrakel!. She has also played with Marilyn Mazur, Jonas Kullhammar, Nina de Heney, Oskar Schönning, Sarah Riedel, Karin Hammar, Lina Nyberg and many others.

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