Import LP – EW-1 – Near And Far East (Reissue) – Lloyd Miller

1938年生/米国出身、中東、とくにペルシャ〜アフガンの伝統と古典音楽を専門とし、100種類以上の民族楽器を操るマルチ・プレイヤー、ロイド・ミラーが、代表作『Oriental Jazz』(1968年)に先立ち1966年に吹き込んだコレクター垂涎の一枚。
もともとロイド・ミラーは、60年代初頭にパリ大学とフランス国立東洋言語文化学院に通いながら、ドン・エリス(tp, conductor)やエディ・ハリス(tenor sax)らとともに活動していたという、由緒正しいジャズ・ミュージシャン。

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Originally released as EW-1, East-West Records, US, 1966
Reissued by Eatingstanding, Italy

Format: LP LTD 250 copies / EW-1: ∫∫12LP
Artist: Lloyd Miller
Title: Near And Far East (Reissue)
Barcode: 4560312317167


Vinyl Only / Black Vinyl / 700 mcn paper tip-on sleeve / original artwork / 250 copies edition.
Insert sheet Q&A with Lloyd Miller.


Manucher Paydar (drums (Tar) on B3)
Lloyd Miller (dulcimer (Santur), oud, shamisen, dhol, tabla)
Marilyn Miller (flute)
Tú Trinh Dàm (voice on A4)
Dusdi Siwi Jarn (voice, performer (Ching) on A7)


Side A

  1. Japan – Sakura
  2. China – Ch’Un Chiang Hum Yüeh Yeh
  3. Viet Nam – Lúu Thuy
  4. Viet Nam – Co La
  5. Laos – Ramayana Prelude
  6. Cambodia – Rop Koh
  7. Thailand – Khmersayok

Side B

  1. India – Karpagame
  2. Afghanestan – Flute Melody
  3. Iran – Seh Gah
  4. Turkey – Amen Avci Vurma Beni
  5. Iraq – Hakimi


Made with the intention of exploring and experiencing the various musical and cultural perspectives of a territory as vast as that of Persia, “Near And Far East” is a significant historical document that transcends the restrictive concept of territory but rather inhabits a space of absolute time. The album’s content is not just window into faraway places, but a leap into the times and cultures that have now been swallowed up by the incessant movement of globalization and capitalism. Listening to it is turning your ear into the true musical culture of countries whose rapid change has eliminated the cultural peculiarities at their roots. Inspired by his long journeys in Iran, Lloyd Miller takes us on a journey through the instruments and sounds of a time, giving us his interpretations of a musical world that was – and that now remains – an historical document for future explorers who are curious about the mysterious musical arts of the middle and far east. Certainly a holy grail for samplers and loopers who can find exotic panoramas here!

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