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「Rhythm Of Life/James Mason」で知られるChiaroscuro Recordsが1976年にリリースしたクロスオーヴァー傑作。

オープニングにふさわしい都会のトワイライトを想わせるミディアム・テンポのA1「Blue Neptune」。続くA2「Sunshower」はRyo Kawasakiをフィーチャーしたラテン・ジャズ・ファンク。緊張途切れぬままファスト・サンバから激渋ミディアム16ビート・ファンクに突入するA3「Revelation」。爽やかなギターカッティングが印象的なB1「Downtown Sound」。極めつけは4ビートを交えた高速8ビートにBlackmanとKawasakiの熱いソロが繰り広げられるB3「Out of This World」。捨て曲なしのクロスオーヴァー傑作です。



LABEL: Aartrud, Italy
ARTIST: Tarika Blue
TITLE: The Blue Path
Originally released as: Chiaroscuro Records ‎CR-164 (1977, US)
JAN: 4560312319574(国内付番)


Marvin Blackman (sax)
Ryo Kawasaki (guitar)
Phil Clendeninn (piano)
Barry Coleman (bass)
Kevin Atkins (drums)
Bradie Speller (percussions)
Produced by Hank O’Neal


A1. Blue Neptune
A2. Sunshower
A3. Revelation

B1. Downtown Sound
B2. Sun Thru Winter
B3. Out Of This World



Tarika Blue was formed in 1973 by Phil Clendenin while he was a student at Syracuse University. Clendenin was a sometime keyboard session player and studio engineer who surrounded himself with rising players and talent to create a formidable unit centred around the core line-up of Clendenin, drummer Kevin Atkins and bassist Barry Coleman. This triumvirate rhythm section was augmented by various passing members that included sax player Marvin Blackman (who also worked with Rashied Ali) as well as some stellar guitarists who would go on the assume cult status on the jazz/funk scene: Ryo Kawasaki and James Mason (Clendenin would go on to engineer Mason’s ‘Rhythm of Life’ album featuring that all-time rare groove calssic ‘Sweet Power, Your Embrace’). Also worth noting is that fact that sometime around 74-75, Clendenin was also a member of another act called the Big Apple Band, featuring a bassist Nile Rodgers and guitarist Bernard Edwards… In 1974 Tarika Blue were signed to New York jazz label, Chiaroscuro Records, founded by producer Hank O’Neal. Their first album, ‘The Blue Path’ was all instrumental of soaring jazz funk, a finely crafted weapon in the armoury of any self-respecting DJ or collector of jazz and funk.

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