Import LP – ∫∫05 – Jazz En La Universidad – Trio Ruben Lopez Furst [SOLD OUT]

アルゼンチンを代表するピアニストの一人=ルーベン・ロペス・フルストが、1964年にアルゼンチン/サンタフェ州のリトラル国立大学で録音した幻の自己トリオ/デビュー盤が、オリジナル・アートワークで限定復刻。翌年制作「Jazz Argentino」との2 in 1(西Vampi)や、アルゼンチン盤でCD化された経緯はあるものの、この素晴らしいオリジナル・アートワークによるリイシューは今回が初めて。
クーデターに荒れる当時のアルゼンチンの情勢に思いを馳せると、インティメイトに始まり次第にエネルギーを解き放つオリジナルM1「Hombre Amaestrado」は、夜明けを告げる声、あるいはまた輝かしい次の時代を希求する人々の祈りのようにも聞こえてくる。



Format: LP / Limited 250 copies
CAT#: ∫∫05LP
ARTIST: Ruben Lopez Furst
TITLE: Jazz En La Universidad
Originally released as: EDUL – ED 006 (1966, ARGENTINA)
BARCODE: 4560312319505

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Ruben Lopez Furst (piano)
Jorge Gonzalez (bass)
Nestor Astarita (drums)


A1. Hombre Amaestrado
A2. En Tu Dulce Modo (In Your Own Sweet Way)
A3. Stella A La Luz De Las Estrellas (Stella By Starlight)
A4. Un Poco Alegre

B1. No Es Necesariamente Asi (It Ain´t Necesarely So)
B2. Necesitare Alguen Mas (I´ll Need Another One)
B3. Hermoso Amor (Beautiful Love)
B4. Podria Sucederte A Ti (It Could Happen To You)


Jazz trios have an economy that makes them risky. Yet it’s that risk that makes them exciting; how to get the most out of three musicians. Trios made up of rhythm instruments – piano, drums and bass – are particularly special. In the case of Ruben ‘Baby’ López Furst, the Argentinian pianist, and the trio session for ‘Jazz en la Universidad’, that special feeling is abundant. The balance of lightness and air with muscularity and drive makes the album worthy of repeated listens.
The 1966 album is a live recording cut at the Universidad Nacional de Litoral in Santa Fe, northeastern Argentina. It’s one of two albums he recorded, the other being ‘Jazz Argentino’ the following year, both featuring the same line up: Furst on piano and Jorge Gonzalez on bass and Nestor Astarita on drums.
What becomes immediately apparent is the effortless élan the trio display with the material, a mix of covers and some original numbers. Well-worn classics like ‘It Ain’t Necessarily So’ take on a new energy and verve at the hands of Furst and his band mates. It’s a joyous set and each listen uncovers new ideas and curious angles;
Lopez’s talent was familial – his brothers were also highly regarded musicians: Héctor a violinist and Lito a bassist. Ruben, born in 1937, started playing in clubs at the age of 14 in and around Buenos Aries and, unlike some of his contemporaries, did not leave Argentina to build a career in the USA or elsewhere. He stayed close to his roots, and perhaps his music is all the purer for it albeit with elements of the delicacy of Bill Evans (what 50s/60s jazz pianist wasn’t influenced by Evans?), yet not beholden to those influences. Ruben could swing hard and the session for ‘Jazz en la Universidad’ proves that, no question. He won numerous plaudits and awards from the Argentinian musical community over the years and died on July 25, 2000. – Text [C] 2016 Tony Higgins

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